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Lauren Heuser: Give Parliament a say over military deployments

It’s always easy to seek permission when you know you’ll get it. While not required to do so, the Liberals asked the House of Commons to vote recently on whether to ratify the Paris Agreement, an international climate change accord. 780 more words

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Leopard C2

My new car.  I love German engineering!

Photos taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the XF 27mm.

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Editorial: A welcome apology from the RCMP

When women first donned the red serge of the RCMP in 1974, some people were concerned police work would prove too dangerous for female officers. But 42 years later, it seems working for the national police force itself put women at risk. 425 more words


Canadian military cutting loose soldiers without secure supports: ombudsman

OTTAWA – Canada’s military ombudsman is calling on the armed forces to stop cutting loose ill and injured service members before they know what services and benefits the soldiers are getting from Veterans Affairs. 137 more words


Ombudsman maps transition system for ill, injured Canadian Forces soldiers

OTTAWA – The military ombudsman has, for the first time, literally mapped out the numerous hurdles which ill and injured soldiers are forced to jump as they leave the Canadian Forces and re-enter civilian life. 477 more words


Canadian Rangers to get new, modern firearms

WHITEHORSE – The federal government says the northern arm of Canada’s military will get new, modern firearms.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says 6,800 rifles will replace those currently used by… 89 more words