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Robert Smol: Why we should unionize the military

It’s an idea that deserves serious consideration, especially in light of the failure of Canada’s military brass to properly deal with issues such as care of its sick and wounded, harassment of personnel, and sexual assault: Should our military be allowed to form a professional association that will advocate for its members, assist and advise soldiers with any grievances that they may have, and bargain collectively with government to improve the conditions of service for all men and women in uniform? 920 more words

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National Post View: The military is a fighting force, not a public works project

We read in the Ottawa Citizen that long-delayed trucks for the Canadian Army are finally expected to enter service in 2017. Originally promised by the federal Conservatives in 2006, what was supposed to be a two-year acquisition process has instead become yet another in a long line of bungled military procurement projects. 783 more words

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Canadian Forces accounted for in Nepal

All Canadian Armed Forces members who were deployed to Nepal to help its people recover from a devastating earthquake are safe after another quake hit the country today. 96 more words


Canada supports our troops...but won't pay them

A member of the Canadian military has lost his bid to recover thousands of dollars when he sold his home at a significant loss after being posted to another base. 554 more words


Feds try to quash class action lawsuit by veterans who lost money when they moved

Alison Auld, The Canadian Press
Published Thursday, May 7, 2015 2:34PM EDT
Last Updated Thursday, May 7, 2015 3:57PM EDT

The federal government has filed a motion to strike down a proposed class action lawsuit by a 33-year veteran of the Armed Forces who lost $72,000 on the sale of his house when he was posted to another base. 447 more words


Harper aides at centre of breach were briefed on security

OTTAWA—Officials with the prime minister’s office got two separate briefings on operational security prior to Stephen Harper’s weekend trip to Kuwait and Iraq — and still published… 409 more words


National Post View: The PMO's selfish special forces blunder

The apology from the Prime Minister’s Office for exposing the faces of Canadian soldiers in its in-house vanity 24/Seven video series was a political classic. And not in a good way. 503 more words

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