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'Culture of sexual assault': Class-action lawsuit filed against Canadian Armed Forces

A former sailor says she is launching a proposed class-action lawsuit to change the culture of harassment and abuse in the Canadian Armed Forces after the military rejected her complaints of unwanted sexual advances by a superior. 453 more words


Saskatchewan veteran speaks out about experience with anti-malarial drug mefloquine

A Saskatchewan veteran who served in the military is speaking out about his experience with the anti-malarial drug mefloquine.

Mefloquine is a drug prescribed to Canadian soldiers when deployed to zones known to have the malaria disease. 458 more words


Editorial: Canadian military finds sexual assault a determined foe

Appalling is the only word to describe the findings of a new survey of Canadian military personnel made public this week. It revealed 960 full-time soldiers… 469 more words


CF-18 fighter jet crashes are rare despite Cold Lake fatal: RCAF

The crash of a fighter jet near Cold Lake, Alberta Monday resulted in the death of pilot Capt. Thomas McQueen, though the cause of the crash is unknown. 518 more words


'It breaks my heart': former military member on sexual assault statistics

Canada’s chief of defence says the findings of a national survey on sexual misconduct in the military are “sobering” and a clear indicator that more work needs to be done. 473 more words


Sexual assault in Canadian military: Women 4 times more likely than men to be attacked, report finds

With his forces embroiled in allegations of pervasive sexual misconduct, Canada’s top soldier last year gave an order to his ranks: stop the deviant behaviour. 889 more words


Sexual trauma in Canadian Forces similar to childhood sex abuse, military says

Sexual trauma in the Canadian Forces is similar to childhood sexual abuse because of the violation of trust and camaraderie that is key to military life, according to a briefing provided to senior defence officials. 702 more words