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Who Da Bear

That really is the name of this carving.

It doesn’t translate so well for SEOs and metta tags but I am an artist not a social media expert. 129 more words

Soapstone Sculpture

Dance when you gotta dance

It’s Monday here and as much as I love what I do for a living there is still the business of art that needs to be worked on.  91 more words


Not to everyone's taste

Pictured here is one of the projects that you might not find in someone’s home, (although I would be glad to sell it to a private collector). 251 more words


a bear with some teeth

Yesterday I posted a photo of one of my cute bear cub carvings today, not so cute.

This is a close up of the growling bear. 128 more words

Soapstone Sculpture

The cutest bear

The bear pictured here is one of the cutest that I have carved.

To be honest, each new bear that has an interesting colour variation is the cutest bear until I unearth the next one with my carving tools. 199 more words


March of the polar bears

For awhile I was a addicted,obsessed, fascinated with the documentary ; March of the Penguins.  In fact, I carved many penguins in various states of march; sliding, climbing, marching and placed them on a soapstone iceberg. 163 more words