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Don't Try to Be Funny at the Border

It’s never smart to try to “be funny” while dealing with border patrol personnel when coming back into our country.  I’d picked up two visiting grandsons, added one local grandson, and we ‘d taken a great trip on one of the car ferry boats from Bellingham (I think it was) to Fairbanks, Alaska.  171 more words

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Liberal Party Win In Canada Was A Bad Day for USA

Yesterday the voters of Canada elected Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party to a sweeping majority control of the government.  I am saddened for the Canadian people, who will now face the inevitable decline in their economy and quality of life that we battle every day. 202 more words


O Canada!

 Landfill reunited! The line of the clearcut border!

Day 146 September 29

We woke up while it was still dark, originally intending to get out early and onto Canada. 1,005 more words

41% of Americans favour wall on the Canadian border: poll

Roughly four in 10 Americans would support building a wall along the Canadian border, according to a new poll.

The Bloomberg poll released Thursday found 41 per cent of U.S. 387 more words


America's Berlin Wall

A thought occurred to me on the immigration issue.

People say that if a wall is built someday along the Mexican or Canadian border, it could be used to keep Americans in rather than foreigners out. 276 more words


Walker Lays Out Mac & Cheese Policy

Wisconsin governor and presidential afterthought Scott Walker proclaimed today that Americans are being deprived of their macaroni and cheese rights and they should have full access to the tasty concoction at every meal. 365 more words

Sunset over the Rainy River

On Saturday night, my mom and I were treated to a glorious sunset over the Rainy River in International Falls, MN.  See those trees?  That’s Canada. F