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Sunset over the Rainy River

On Saturday night, my mom and I were treated to a glorious sunset over the Rainy River in International Falls, MN.  See those trees?  That’s Canada. F


Stamp Virginity and Sketchy Niagara Hotels

Well, I made it across the border! This is so incredibly unreal and wonderful. I keep telling myself that I’m in Canada over and over, and yet I still don’t believe the words that I’m saying. 253 more words


Canadian Borders and Smothered Anxiety

So, I finally have my passport and am leaving The United States for the first time in my twenty-two years tomorrow. It still doesn’t feel real, and I cannot believe I’m going to be crossing into another country come tomorrow afternoon. 241 more words


Heading to the Middle of Nowhere, Montana

I don’t exaggerate when I say we were in the Middle of Nowhere. It took two hours driving out of Columbia Falls, Montana (all in all a pretty decent contestant for the Middle of Nowhere, America Award) a drive that took us through a national forest (half of which, I might add, is currently on fire) and an hour of which went through a dirt road, on which we only passed a single car. 1,114 more words


US/Canadian Border Anomalies

Check out this Youtube video, laying out some of the bizarre anomalies that is the US-Canadian border!


Rooney the Convict: My First Lone Day of Hitchhiking

“A lone, girl hitchhiker?” cackled my ride delightedly as I climbed in his car, obviously impressed. “What the hell are you doing out here, girl?” 741 more words


N.Y. prison escapees planned to go to Mexico, headed toward Canada when ride backed out

WATCH: Escaped murderer David Seat was shot and arrested very close to the Canadian border on Sunday, after weeks on the lam. He spoke to investigators from his hospital about the details of his plans to flee to Mexico with his fellow escapee, Richard Matt. 875 more words