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More than 140 Characters on the United Way, the Living Wage and Minimum Wage

The “Living Wage” is an interesting term. To its credit, the Canadian Center for Ethics in Public Policy were gracious enough to invite the opinion of CFIB members to a forum tonight to discuss a recent report commissioned by the… 1,908 more words

Report says living wage for Halifax is nearly double current minimum

HALIFAX – The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and United Way Halifax say the current minimum wage of $10.60 per hour isn’t enough for people working in the city to survive. 422 more words


New report claims B.C. has much less natural gas than government claims

WATCH (above): David Hughes from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives discusses the analysis that was done for his study on the LNG industry.

While the provincial government remains bullish on its goal of three LNG terminals by 2020, a new report by the Centre for Canadian Policy Alternatives suggests the province has much less natural gas available for those terminals than anticipated. 302 more words


Dreams for B.C.'s LNG projects dim

Even when times were relatively good, Premier Clark’s dreams of making B.C. a global energy exporter were slim. Before the collapse of oil prices, when the Asian market for liquefied natural gas was strong, B.C. 488 more words


Parents must both make $18.52 per hour to afford life in Toronto: report

TORONTO —┬áSurvival in the big city for a family of four boils down to $18.52 an hour.

For a family with two kids under the age of 10 in Toronto, both parents need to be working 37.5 hours per week making $18.52 per hour, according to a report released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 411 more words


Plan B for the XL Keystone pipeline

There’s more than one way for Big Oil to get Alberta’s landlocked tar sands to refineries on the Texas coast. If President Obama won’t approve the XL Keystone pipeline through the U.S., they’ll do an end run and go through Atlantic Canada. 466 more words