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Canada accumulating private debt faster than any other advanced economy

We all know about Canada’s ballooning household debt. Hardly a day goes by without a headline warning about overstretched Canadians wallets, and policymakers have long been racking their brains about ways to rein-in families’ debt binge. 511 more words


Why Small Business is Concerned About the 15 Dollar Minimum Wage

Atlantic Canadian small business owners should start bracing themselves for the 15 dollar minimum wage campaign. The governments in Alberta and Ontario have both bought into the idea, and now British Columbia’s new… 506 more words

Small Business

Stop treating B.C.’s interior like a colony

Premier Clark’s plan for job growth in B.C.’s interior is a failure. Her plan to extract Liquefied Natural Gas from the interior evaporated. She is sending more raw logs… 484 more words


Tax loopholes –the good, bad and ugly

What’s the difference between a tax break and a tax loophole? Tax breaks are legitimate deductions that I make and loopholes are shady tax dodges that others use. 481 more words


Why the Saskatchewan government can't cut its way to growth

It is now abundantly clear that the Saskatchewan government’s “transformational change” agenda is in reality a not-so-subtle euphemism for province-wide austerity in response to the current economic downturn. 1,051 more words


Spencer: Monsef, marches, misogyny – where do women go now?

Infused with the heady spirit of the March on Washington/Ottawa/Vancouver/Toronto and so on last weekend, millions of women are now wondering how to keep the momentum going. 667 more words