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Conservative MP’s take on wage-gap? Choose better-paying jobs

WATCH: A new survey looking specifically at women and work in Canada found there is a still a big gender gap when it comes to pay, jobs and safety. 617 more words


Chris Selley: The best city to be a woman is the one in which everybody is equally poor

There are certain measures of female achievement, certain indicators of female-friendly societies, that we can probably all agree are reasonable: equal pay for equal work; corporate and political cultures that are at least considerably less male-dominated than ours; equality of outcomes in health and security and happiness; equality, indeed, in general. 959 more words

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Tasha Kheiriddin: Study slams cities with higher-paying male-dominated fields for ... being dominated by highly paid males

A good female friend of mine is moving to Victoria, B.C. She will be the president of a private college, a prestigious leadership position well-deserved after years of professional success and activism. 939 more words

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Windsor women trail behind men in quality of life, says report

It’s tough to be a woman in Windsor, according to a new report that ranks the city as one of the worst places in Canada for women’s quality of life. 590 more words


Report gives Calgary low ranking on gender equality

A gap in employment levels, a lack of women in leadership and management, and a significant difference in income levels all contribute to the city’s poor ranking in a new report studying the gender gap in Canada. 648 more words

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Why Calgary ranks as the third worst city in Canada for women

CALGARY – The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) released a report today naming Calgary as the third worst city in Canada for women. 533 more words


Canada's best and worst cities to be a woman: report

WATCH: Why is the city of Victoria the best city in Canada for women, according to a new survey? Reporter Kylie Stanton tells us what gives the city its edge. 779 more words