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Parents must both make $18.52 per hour to afford life in Toronto: report

TORONTO — Survival in the big city for a family of four boils down to $18.52 an hour.

For a family with two kids under the age of 10 in Toronto, both parents need to be working 37.5 hours per week making $18.52 per hour, according to a report released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 411 more words


Plan B for the XL Keystone pipeline

There’s more than one way for Big Oil to get Alberta’s landlocked tar sands to refineries on the Texas coast. If President Obama won’t approve the XL Keystone pipeline through the U.S., they’ll do an end run and go through Atlantic Canada. 466 more words


CA -- Alternative Federal Budget 2015

Alternative Federal Budget 2015
Source: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The Alternative Federal Budget 2015: Delivering the Good demonstrates that the federal government’s continued obsession with austerity and balancing the budget comes at the cost of higher household debt, fewer services, and weakened job growth.

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Affordable Access to Medicines: A Prescription for Canada

Affordable Access to Medicines: A Prescription for Canada
Source: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

This report reviews research detailing the financial and social impacts of national pharmacare implementation abroad, and shifts in policy in Canada.

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Be wary of quick fixes for Nova Scotia's education system

With recent standardized assessment scores from Nova Scotian schools causing alarm, and education minister Karen Casey about to release her action plan to reform the P-12 education system, there are a few things that are important to remember. 646 more words

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Karen Cooling, Marc Lee and Shannon Daub: Ending oil and gas use will require help for workers

The steady stream of bad news from Alberta’s oilpatch is a potent reminder of the boom-and-bust nature of being a resource-commodity exporter. It’s a story deeply understood in resource communities, as decisions made halfway around the world dictate whether you will have a job tomorrow. 621 more words