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The Review - David's Tea Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait

You can’t really talk about tea these days without mentioning David’s Tea. Another Canadian-born company, the first store opened in 2008 in downtown Toronto. Now one of the most popular and accessible tea stores¬†in Canada, David’s brand is exploding. 360 more words

Canadian Company

The Review - Pluck Teas After Eight

Pluck Teas is another great Canadian brand I am super excited to blog about. Jennifer Commins founded the Toronto based company in 2012 with a commitment to organic and locally sourced ingredients. 232 more words

Canadian Company

The Review - Saje Sentiva Soothing Body Lotion

I was gifted Saje’s Sentiva lotion by a friend, and I’ve quickly flown through it. If you haven’t heard of Saje yet, I recommend your peruse their… 257 more words

Canadian Company

Noize Original Winter Jacket

I was so excited to share this steal of a deal with you guys I just had to post this today! For ethical reasons I decided to sell my Canada Goose jacket so I had been on the hunt for a new winter jacket that was warm, comfortable and had a faux fur hood and thats when I stumbled upon the Canadian company… 169 more words


Business Interview - Bluestem Oral Care

Bluestem is a Canadian company that has created a line of oral care products for cats & dogs! In their line they have the water additive which comes in 4 flavors that fights bad breath, plaque and tartar. 842 more words

DeLuxe Shaving Company - An Overview and Impressions of Cool Daddy O & Woodbridge Shaving Creams

A few weeks back, I got an email from Anthony, the owner of DeLuxe Shaving Company and he asked if I’d like to try out his company’s shaving creams. ¬† 1,088 more words

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