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Change? Really?

“Real governing – governing on behalf of all is hard. So in modern politics you govern to win the next election. Governing is fully subordinated to the politics of winning – but win for what? 1,007 more words


While traveling with Rush and friends

“Democracy requires citizens to see things from one another’s point of view, but instead were more and more enclosed in our own bubbles. Democracy requires a reliance on shared facts; instead were being offered parallel but separate universes.” 1,151 more words


More and More Government Handouts - Another Canadian Federal Election Must Be Coming

How about one more tax credit for the middle class?  Now we have Goodlife Fitness Centres Inc. lobbying the federal government for a fitness tax credit for adults of all ages.  444 more words


If We Were Having Coffee: Mid-winter Update

If we were having coffee I’d let you know that my schedule is getting busier and that I won’t be around as much for the rest of the month. 448 more words


Federal Liberals look at pension funds for infrastructure help (with video)

LONDON, Ont. — Taking a page from their provincial counterparts in Quebec, federal Liberals are looking at how pension funds could help pay for new roads, rail lines, airports and other major infrastructure projects. 528 more words


NDP fielding bigger proportion of female candidates

When it comes to women power heading into next year’s federal election, the New Democrats are out ahead while the Conservatives are trailing behind.

All three major parties have been busily nominating candidates in advance of the election, which is currently scheduled for October but could come as early as spring if Prime Minister Stephen Harper pulls the trigger. 881 more words


fear and loathing...law and order...

 Head exploding! Not sure how to proceed…

Listening on CBC Radio this morning about how our esteemed federal government  is going to try and pass a new “victim’s first” law-and-order bill (The Canadian  Victim’s Right’s Act) that will allow for secret witnesses in court cases. 387 more words

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