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What does it mean to be Canadian?

With political leaders already beginning to electioneer for the federal election coming up in October and a few significant national events happening this summer , I thought it might be appropriate to begin a series of “Canadiana” blogs. 596 more words

The Halloween Festival - Montreal, 1869

Montreal Gazette 1 November 1869, page 2

The Halloween Festival

The Caledonian Society’s Festival was as great a success this Halloween as on any previous occasion. 1,924 more words


St Jean Baptiste celebrations, Quebec City, 1872

Courrier du Canada, 21 Juin 1872, page 2

La Saint Jean-Baptiste

On est a faire des préparatifs pour célébrer lundi, avec tout l’éclat possible la fête nationale du Canada-français.  922 more words


Day 4: All Day CanCon

Day 4 of Hot Docs was my first volunteer shift inside an actual venue. I was volunteering at one of my favourite theatres, the Isabel Bader theatre at Victoria College. 965 more words


Making Library and Archives Canada Work: A Superficial Start, 2015

Library and Archives Canada is, at its heart, the record keeper of Canadian history. Good or bad, if it happened here, it is likely that there are some records which speak to these happenings. 1,235 more words


What's a Canadian? National identity and religious rights

It’s an inevitable  comparison every time a prominent American is interviewed on Canadian TV: The Canadian mosaic VS the American melting pot.  We as Canadians like to pride ourselves on our  generous immigration policies and enshrined rights and freedoms that allow religious and other miorities to come to our country and celebrate their cultures.  779 more words

Canadian enough?

Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity.
– Herbert Marshall McLuhan

As promised, the rallies in opposition to Bill C-51 went ahead and, I suspect, they have had the impact I would have predicted: they made a newspaper here and there and probably were reported in other media but, overall, the voices raised in protest will join the ranks of others at similar events, events important perhaps to the few who were involved, but largely ignored by the general populace. 966 more words