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The Procession Question, Montreal, 1877

Montreal Daily Star, 13 July 1877, page 2

The Procession Question

Some people have the habit of standing upon their rights, come what will.  It may be conceded that this disposition may be pushed too far in individual cases, and become so much temporary inconvenience.  444 more words


What Really Happened in Biggar

On the map the distance between the two communities measures 57.2 km but in reality the distance might as well be a million miles.

It seemed straight forward enough. 1,023 more words


(Found this in my drafts folder in January 2018; it is unfinished, but I’ve lost the thread of my thought, so I am back-posting it now… 761 more words

Black Lives Matter

Reflections on Christmas and our traditions, 2017

As Christmas draws near, I have been reflecting on how I celebrate Christmas, the traditions I attach particularly to the occasion, and how I understand Christmas and its significance in my life.  2,164 more words


Another utterly mundane conclusion

Some of my ancestors were Irish, but I am not Irish.

Some of my ancestors were Indigenous, but I am not Indigenous.

That is the utterly mundane conclusion I have reached, after reflecting for some time on the history and heritage of my ancestors. 214 more words

Sterling Lynch

My feet don't like shoes

I was born at the end of a rainbow.

Okay, not exactly. As far as I know, there were no leprechauns or pots of gold present for my birth. 650 more words


Hail to the Chief- Sir John A Macdonald, Montreal 1877

Montreal Daily Star, 5 July 1877, page 3

Hail to the Chief


Torchlight Procession

On Saturday Evening, July 7th

To Welcome

Sir John A Macdonald… 146 more words