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Commemoration Stuff - Confessions of a Collector, 2017

It is 2017 and Canadian Confederation turned 150.  There have been parties, books, television specials and commemorative things – tons of commemorative things!  As a historian I can look on these items as representative of a vision of Canadian identity, and recognize that not everyone invests in the celebration and the souvenir items the same values.   709 more words


Cartier Centenary Fair, Montreal, 1919

Montreal Standard, 2 August 1919, page 33

The Cartier Centenary Fair

The Cartier Centenary Fair which is to be held in this city from August 9th to 17th inclusive on a 12 acre portion of Fletcher’s Field, is of great importance to all of the citizens of Montreal from a commercial and advertising standpoint. 1,072 more words


Is Canada a nation?

In this post, I consider two authors who argue that Canada is not a nation.

Joel Garreau, a reporter for the Washington Post, wrote back in 1981 that the USA and Canada were not actually nations. 1,235 more words


Glengarrians in California, 1894

The Glengarrian, 22 Jun 1894

Glengarrians in California

To the Editor of the Glengarrian:-

Sir – Knowing that you like to follow the fortunes of the men of Glengarry, it will interest you to learn that the Caledonia Club proceedings at Stockton, San Joaquin, Co., California, this year were mainly engineered by Glengarry lads.  509 more words


Battle of Chrysler`s Farm Monument, 1895

The Glengarrian, 27 Sep 1895

The Battle of Chrysler’s Farm

Unveiling of the Monument

The monument was unveiled on Wednesday with most befitting honour and unbounded enthusiasm.  573 more words


Armistice Commemorations, Montreal, 1919

Montreal Daily Star, 11 November 1919, page 3

Montreal ceased all activity in honor Armistice

King’s Orders to commemorate termination of war carried out in city today – Factories, railways and street traffic stopped. 1,196 more words


Disability Discrimination and the Glorification of Canada’s “Ruthless” Immigration System

Today I came across two conflicting news articles, one of them Canadian, the other American. They both deal with the Canadian immigration system but they come to vastly different conclusions. 1,959 more words