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Queen's Birthday, Montreal, 1844

Montreal Gazette, 25 May 1844, page 2

Yesterday, being Her Majesty’s birthday, the whole of the military in this garrison, consisting of the Royal Artillery, and the 89th and 93rd Regiments were reviewed on the Old Race Course. 61 more words


Bust of Prince to adorn Parliament, Ottawa, 1919

Montreal Daily Star, 12 November 1919, page 4

Bust of Prince to Adorn Parliament

Erected as mark of country’s appreciation of Royal Visit

Ottawa – Nov 12 – To commemorate the placing of the corner stone in the peace tower by the Prince of Wales and as a small token of the country’s appreciation of the royal visit, a marble bust and pedestal of the Prince will be erected in the new parliament building. 186 more words


Why not be independent? 1919

Montreal Daily Star, 27 November 1919, page 4


Common Sense – why be so foolishly dependent on this coal-man when you have all you need, and more, beneath your own cellar floor only waiting you to get it?


5 Ways to Maintain Your Canadian Identity While Abroad

[Originally published in the Memorial University Student Newspaper (MUSE) May 14, 2015: http://themuse.ca/2015/05/14/five-ways-to-maintain-your-canadian-identity-abroad/%5D

It’s been nearly two years since I wrote this little article, and I still love it. 1,219 more words


On Nazem Kadri, Donald Trump, and Keeping Politics Out of Hockey

Nazem Kadri first voiced his disapproval of then-Republican candidate Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim travel ban in November of 2015:

“I think he’s pretty delusional. But his opinion’s his opinion…[T]hat being said, I’m lucky to live in a country like Canada, where people of political stature don’t say those kinds of things to make people feel out of place.”

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In the mirror of history: a reflection of colonialism

Nine months ago, I finally understood that I am one of the Adams of our planet’s colonial history. The penny dropped when I realized, thanks to an Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, that the English first perfected the tricks of their colonial trade in Ireland long before they plagued the shores and lands of Turtle Island. 977 more words

Sterling Lynch

State of Canada’s Natural and Cultural Heritage Places 2016

Nearly Half of National Park Ecosystems Rate as ‘Fair’ or ‘Poor’ in Parks Canada Report

By Susan Lunn | January 26, 2017

A federal report by Parks Canada shows that almost half of the ecosystems in the country’s national parks remain in fair to poor condition, five years after a previous report with similar concerns. 232 more words