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Miss Independent

I don’t know if it’s how I was raised, my personality, or the circumstances of our household But i do things on my own that sometimes other people are surprised by. 430 more words


the countdown is officially on

In one week, I’ll be piling the final items into bags and (no doubt) sweating a little as I question whether or not I’ve truly gotten everything we need before our first official family trip. 690 more words


11 months old -my last baby

How?!! Miss Mack is almost a toddler..I’m not okay with this guy’s!!

Honestly this last year-ish has gone by so fast. Time goes so much faster with 2 kids then it did with just Em. 271 more words


Beginner knit sewist* cute dress and top for the kidlets

I made things! For the people that I made.. to wear 😂. But really, I’m so proud and happy. I’ve had my sewing machine for 4 yrs but only JUST got into sewing with knits. 226 more words


Welcome to the chaos!

Down with the sickness!

Currently I am trapped under my youngest (10months old) who is sick and teething. My oldest and I are also sick but we luckily have all of our teeth, so Miss Mack is alone on the teeth front. 92 more words


If They Can Climb Onto It, They Will Jump Off Of It #boys

You may have figured this out by now, but we have two boys.  Ages 2 and 4.

I think I have more grey hair in the last month alone from these two turkeys.   747 more words

Life With Littles