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Carey Price Told He'll Have To Show ID Before Each Face-Off During Habs' Home Games

“Come again?” Carey Price, star goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens, said after yesterday’s skate around when informed that – due to Quebec’s new face-covering ban – he and all visiting goalies will henceforward have to reveal their faces prior to each puck drop, when playing at home.  368 more words


For First Time In 250 Years, Quebec In Favour Of Assimilation

In a surprise move, the province that gave Canada its second official language and has vociferously fought for the right to preserve its own unique culture, has now stated it sees the inherent value in assimilation. 317 more words


“Get Out Immediately”: Gigantic Fire in Whistler Causes Dozens to Flee Condos

The Bavin building in Whistler, a popular destination usually rented for a holiday, was seen on during the Easter weekend to be burning until 1am yesterday. 460 more words