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What are the implications of the Canada-Israel agreement to oppose the boycott of Israel?

In his last trip as Canada’s minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird signed a curious Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with his counterpart Avigdor Lieberman of Israel. 635 more words

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Andrew Coyne: No need for Tories' ‘Throw Away the Key Act’

On past form, the Conservatives’ latest piece of tough-on-crime legislation will come with some sort of folksy name attached, of a kind suitable for use in Tory ad campaigns. 911 more words

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Ottawa police want $10 million from federal government

Ottawa’s police force is likely to receive $10 million in federal funding to help cover the costs of policing the capital, but an additional request to pay the costs of policing downtown on Oct. 400 more words

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John Ivison: Conservatives making first steps to repair damaged relationship with veterans

Disabled veterans like Paul Franklin, the retired master corporal and double amputee who says he was forced to prove to Veterans Affairs that his limbs hadn’t grown back, will no longer have to fill in their own paperwork under a new government plan. 727 more words

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Conservative MP Laurie Hawn says his party crossed the line with West Edmonton Mall terror post

One of the federal Conservative Party’s own MPs says the party’s use of the terror threat against West Edmonton Mall in a partisan Facebook post steps over the line. 398 more words


TAs, public goods, and what we talk about when we talk about strikes

Strikes in the public sector have always had a different political economy than those in the private sector. Sure, the people who nurture a parochial distaste for the labour movement will always get angry about both, but the most acidic bile is often reserved for the former. 994 more words

Tasha Kheiriddin: With his new 'life means life' bill, Harper has found his wedge

Life means life. Vote Conservative.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that that the government will introduce legislation to keep criminals “too cruel and dangerous to be put back into freedom” locked up permanently, with no possibility of parole. 782 more words

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