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Secret briefing says up to $300-per-tonne federal carbon tax by 2050 required to meet climate targets

OTTAWA — Environment Canada told Catherine McKenna early in her mandate as minister that a price on carbon would have to go as high as $300 per tonne in 2050 for Canada to meet its climate targets, a secret briefing document shows. 1,061 more words


Social Conservatives in politics - a new wind blows

What do bathroom bills in the states, Jordan Peterson, Jason Kenney and Brad Trost all have in common? They embrace, or are at least open to, socially conservative views. 1,102 more words


Jason Kenney says he didn’t suggest children who join a gay-straight club should be ‘outed’ to their parents

Alberta Education Minister David Eggen said Wednesday that he was “disturbed” by new Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney’s comments on gay-straight alliances in schools.

Reacting to Kenney’s comments Tuesday that parents should be informed when their child joins a gay-straight alliance in school unless the parents are abusive, Eggen posted on Facebook that Kenney has shown himself as an “extremist.” 560 more words



Canadians have to wonder not only about the federal Liberals’ commitment to democratic reform, but about their understanding of democracy itself.

For the second time in less than a year, the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is attempting to change the rules of Parliament to limit the opposition’s ability to hold the Liberals to account and delay the passage of government bills. 156 more words


Senate Snowflakes?*

OTTAWA—The newly minted leader of the Conservatives in the Senate says he intends to take a second look at Sen. Lynn Beyak to see what, if any, actions the Tories should take over her comments on residential schools. 238 more words


Andrew Coyne: How Kevin O’Leary could improve provincial economic policies without coercion

Suppose, for the sake of argument, Kevin O’Leary were not an idiot. Imagine an alternate reality in which the probable frontrunner for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada did not just blurt out whatever half-chewed nostrum it pleased him to say, but had something resembling considered policies, together with the first understanding of how Canadian politics or government worked. 895 more words


Conservative candidate gives Liberals a new hot button for fundraising. It's called ‘The Brad Trost Thing’

Political parties in power can sometimes have trouble finding a ‘hot button’ issue that can rile up their base to the kind of fever pitch where they’ll start writing cheques to do something about that hot button. 410 more words