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Support for Alberta's PC party skyrockets at the expense of NDP, now third in provincial poll

Alberta’s NDP have plummeted to third place and Premier Rachel Notley’s personal approval rating has plunged just nine months after sweeping the Progressive Conservative Party from power, according to a new poll. 750 more words


'People are hurting': Poll says Albertans want jobs, even if it means racking up debt

CALGARY — As the collapse of oil prices continues and the province’s economic crisis deepens, Albertans are losing their fervour for balancing the books.

A new Mainstreet Research/Postmedia poll suggests 62 per cent of Albertans no longer think balancing the books is a priority — up from 52 per cent last October. 462 more words


Is Israel starting to lose the battle for "hearts and minds" on Canadian campuses?

Vietnam. Civil Rights. Women’s rights. Universities have always been a fertile ground for debate over issues of justice and equality. Today there is increasing discussion over Israel/Palestine. 705 more words


Five ways Canada could help fight ISIL as Trudeau expected to finally lay out details of Iraq mission

OTTAWA — The Liberal government is expected to finally lay out Canada’s contribution to the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. 421 more words


U.S. customs preclearance being discussed for Toronto Island and Quebec City airports

OTTAWA – The Liberal government is looking to add U.S. customs preclearance to the Toronto Island and Quebec City airports, a move that would open up more direct flights and destinations for travellers heading to the United States. 826 more words


Michael Den Tandt: Trudeau could do with a little less sunshine

As the milestone of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first 100 days in office comes and goes, he’d do well to smack someone in the jaw, figuratively speaking, and scowl now and then. 807 more words

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New system to release census data faces uncertain future over delays

OTTAWA — An $18-million project to make it easier to sort through reams of data from the coming census has been beset by delays and uncertainty that the three-year project will be done on time. 477 more words