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Liberal Scandals

It’s not just civil servants with their rich benefit packages that get the pleasure of chuckling at their less entitled peers toiling for fewer perks in the private sector. 241 more words


Contentious Tactics

OTTAWA – Nick Kouvalis, the political mastermind behind Conservative MP Kellie Leitch’s leadership bid, is defending her campaign’s tactics, proposed values test for newcomers and all-out assault on rival candidates. 165 more words



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Premier Rachel Notley-Arab’s NDP government took over Alberta’s finances with more than $1 billion in surplus cash. The final numbers from the 2014-15 budget year, which ended March 31, show Alberta recorded a $1.1-billion surplus, up from the $514 million projected when the Progressive Conservative government tabled its spending document in the spring of 2014. 686 more words


Trudeau government announces ‘rational’ shift in Arctic policy, will seek to work with Russia

OTTAWA — In its first major statement on the Arctic, the Trudeau government has moved away the more-confrontational approach that dominated Conservative policy, with Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion putting Russia at the centre of Canada’s northern policy. 696 more words


Matthew Fisher: Canada's jilted partners languish as peacekeeping fetish feeds love affair with the UN

The Trudeau government has a bit of a pacifist streak, a peacekeeping fetish, a romantic nostalgia for Pearsonian internationalism and a distrust of the security arrangements that have kept Canada secure since the Second World War. 889 more words


Andrew Coyne: Fiscal stimulus hasn’t revived the economy, but Liberals know what to do — more stimulus

As the finance minister prepares his fall economic update, the outlook is decidedly gloomy. July’s uptick in economic growth was almost wholly rooted in the oil sector. 885 more words

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Bureaucrats accused of blaming workers for fouled-up pay system as DND staff get training deadline

Thousands of civilian employees at the defence department have until next week to complete mandatory training on the controversial Phoenix pay system.

The training is critical to minimize errors affecting the problem-plagued federal government system, noted a message sent to all department workers and obtained by the Ottawa Citizen. 757 more words