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Don Braid: Getting people to hate Notley's NDP was easy. To beat them, conservatives need to be a credible alternative

Some conservatives seem to think the next Alberta election is like a video game. Capture the spinning gold coin called Unity, hurl it at the hated NDP castle, and poof, Rachel Notley’s regime disappears. 652 more words

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Former electoral officer wants to see the 'back door slammed shut' on foreign money in Canadian elections

Parliament must act quickly to close a gaping loophole that allows foreign money to affect the outcome of Canadian elections, urges a former chief electoral officer. 614 more words


Former spy chief says Canada should be careful about scaling back C-51 after Manchester attack

OTTAWA — The former head of Canada’s spy agency says the federal government should “move with caution” in scaling back new powers given to CSIS by the former Conservative government, in the wake of Monday’s deadly terror attack in Manchester, England. 622 more words


John Ivison: Time for parliament to tighten election rules on third parties and foreign money

It may never be known how much influence foreign money, wielded by hostile political advocacy groups, played in the Conservative Party’s defeat in 2015.

A complaint led by defeated Tory MP Joan Crockatt claims that federal election rules were broken by organizations like Leadnow, which used money donated from the U.S. 905 more words

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'It became clear they had been told not to trust me': How Alison Azer briefly reunited with her abducted children

OTTAWA — For more than a year, she ached, and searched and struggled to reach her four children.

But when Alison Azer finally came face to face with the little ones her ex-husband had ripped from her arms and spirited across the globe, instead of running to her, they were full of caution, and mistrust. 1,780 more words


Millions in foreign funds spent in 2015 federal election to defeat Harper government, report alleges

Foreign money funnelled towards Canadian political advocacy groups affected the outcome of the 2015 federal election, according to a document filed last week with Elections Canada and obtained in part by the… 1,197 more words


NEP by Stealth

He’s a Trudeau. He can’t help himself.

The federal Liberals have made two moves in the past week that leave the impression they are trying to centralize control over energy policy in Ottawa and away from the provinces (who have authority over natural resources under the constitution). 181 more words