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City bought proposed arena lands despite warnings about cleanup costs

Calgary’s city council secretly approved the $36.9-million purchase of contaminated land — now being pitched as part of the site for a new downtown arena and stadium complex — despite expert reports that warned the extent of the pollution and potential cleanup costs needed further investigation. 949 more words

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Conservatives dole out cash to community groups as election looms

In what a taxpayer lobby and opposition parties say is a blatant attempt to influence voters in advance of this fall’s election, the Harper government announced Friday the first of many capital grants to upgrade Alberta community facilities. 833 more words


Uncollected corporate taxes surge to $1.1 billion, despite watchdog's warning

Uncollected corporate taxes and penalties surged by over 25 per cent in Alberta last year, despite a stern warning from the province’s financial watchdog that the government needs to do a better job of getting businesses to pay up. 690 more words


Taxpayer lobby calls for review of Springbank, McLean Creek flood diversion projects

A taxpayer lobby says potentially skewed numbers and faulty assumptions about major flood mitigation projects made by the previous Tory regime may have left the new government without the information it needs to decide if spending hundreds of millions to protect Calgary from high waters makes financial sense. 963 more words

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Few details provided in city's 'sunshine list' of public salaries

Calgary city hall unveiled its long-awaited version of a “Sunshine List” on Wednesday that discloses basic salary information of civil servants but excludes key details such as names and exact take home pay. 782 more words

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C'mon, just two more! Taxpayer group urges Senate to pass pair of bills before summer break

The House of Commons may have risen but the beleaguered Senate was still in session on Tuesday – which, in the eyes of one advocacy group, means there’s still time for senators to pass two more bills before before packing up for the summer. 333 more words


Kelly McParland: Canada's $6 million man. Run early, retire young, enjoy life like Peter MacKay

I’m trying to think of another job besides Peter MacKay’s in which you can serve for 18 years, then retire and start collecting a pension of almost $120,000 a year, for life. 605 more words

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