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Viewpoint: Progressive step in selling liquor

The Saskatchewan government has proposed the biggest step forward in liquor regulations since the repeal of Prohibition.

It’s a stark shift from a government-knows-best policy to one that truly trusts Saskatchewanians to make their own choices when they pick up a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer. 586 more words


Alberta launches $3-billion climate change strategy with carbon tax

Albertans will pay $3 billion more annually in a new economywide tax on carbon, and will likely have to shell out more for electricity as a result of an accelerated retirement of coal-fired power plants under the NDP government’s new climate-change strategy released Sunday. 1,028 more words

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Klassen: One more bloated bureaucracy — and not just from the cake

Many of us are guilty of spending way too much on birthday parties and other celebrations, but usually, these involve paintball, goody bags and 10-year-olds, and always with our own money. 650 more words


Eggen demands answers on $900 Easter egg hunt

Alberta’s education minister says he’s looking into “inappropriate” spending of taxpayer dollars, including a $900 Easter egg hunt for adults, by the province’s school boards lobby. 538 more words


CTF reveals $41K in school board association expenses, including $900 staff Easter egg hunt

EDMONTON — The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has renewed its call for the Alberta School Boards Association to post detailed receipts online, citing $41,000 in questionable expenses such as staff Easter egg hunts and birthday gifts. 1,127 more words


Opinion: Is it time for an Alberta tax commission?

A recent poll reports that 43 per cent of Albertans disapprove of the NDP government’s budget announcing a $6.1 billion deficit for 2015-16. At the same time, 55 per cent do not want cuts to capital spending and 49 per cent approve of the government’s plan to increase capital spending. 641 more words


Taxpayer lobby questions spending by school boards association

A taxpayer advocacy group is demanding the Alberta School Boards Association post detailed expenses online for the last five years after obtaining documents that show questionable travel, perks and pricey office space. 968 more words