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The CTF doesn’t speak for this taxpayer

Given the amount of media attention that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation gets, you would think that their members would be legion. But no, there are only five. 503 more words


Denley: Another misstep in Ontario's energy adventure

Our Canadian governments are undeniably offering leadership on climate change. The only things lacking are realistic goals and an affordable plan to achieve them.

Ontario’s new hydroelectric deal with Quebec is an example of the kind of policy fog in which our provincial government works. 634 more words


RCMP probes $4.2M paid to leaders — belonging to a single family — of tiny B.C. First Nation

OTTAWA — The RCMP is investigating the finances of a tiny B.C. First Nation band used to enrich members of a single family to the tune of $4.2 million over 3½ years, according to a forensic audit obtained by Postmedia News. 672 more words


Viewpoint: Saskatchewan taxpayers deserve answers about the Global Transportation Hub land deal

Todd MacKay

One thing is clear about the Global Transportation Hub land deal.

“Mistakes were made,” said Premier Brad Wall when responding to the provincial auditor’s… 584 more words


Are The Elites Out Of Touch?

This blurb is just the gathering of info, or what passes for info, from around the net. How can that be seen as uncharitable? Am I making judgements here or just allowing others’ to reach conclusions on their own by presenting disparate items in a targeted sequence? 1,279 more words

Pen As Sword - Social Commentary

Viewpoint: Fix mistake by releasing first quarter update

When a car spins out of control, the driver never thinks about the times a seatbelt wasn’t really necessary.

The vast majority of government transparency is routine, but, on the odd occasion, it’s critically important. 548 more words


135 "Mothballed" Buses Revived to Fulfill TransLink Promise

October 3rd 2016, Lauren Boothby:

Langara Students boarding the 49 Metrotown bus early September –Lauren Boothby

TransLink may be using “mothballed” graveyard buses to fulfill the promised 10% bus service increase, according to new information. 232 more words