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Fired Calgary cop collected more than $700,000, suspended with pay for six and a half years

Before Sgt. Anthony Braile was fired from Calgary’s police force over professional misconduct, he was paid more than $700,000 just to await his fate.

Braile was suspended with pay sometime in 2009 through to September last year. 420 more words

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Judges affirm that Canada Revenue Agency has 'duty of care' to taxpayers

Two appellate court rulings confirm that the Canada Revenue Agency is not at liberty to intimidate and threaten taxpayers and must take appropriate care in how it treats them. 781 more words

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Suffering Saskatchewan and Alberta would benefit from reformed equalization system

Paige MacPherson and Todd MacKay

Plunging oil prices are forcing governments and families in Alberta and Saskatchewan to keep an eye on every bill. One of those bills may come as a surprise: next year’s equalization costs are going up to $499 per Canadian. 570 more words


Alberta extends wage freeze to non-union employees in public service

EDMONTON – After freezing the salaries of cabinet ministers, MLAs, and political staff, Alberta’s finance minister announced Wednesday the government was extending the salary freeze. 462 more words


MGEU members promised no layoffs for five years in new contract offer

WINNIPEG — The premier says a contract offer to 14 thousand Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union members that promises no-layoffs  for five years shouldn’t come as a surprise. 252 more words


Alberta income tax changes come into effect on New Year's Day

High-income earners in Alberta will be paying higher taxes in the new year.

Increases to income tax rates brought in by the NDP government will come fully into effect in 2016 after being partially implemented in October. 590 more words


A look at taxes and fees going up and changing in B.C. in 2016

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) says even if you are one of the British Columbians to benefit from the federal government, you will be paying more taxes and fees in B.C. 443 more words