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Montrealers pay $200 above the national average in gas taxes

Montrealers pay more in gasoline taxes than any other city in Canada — and more than any jurisdiction in the country except people in Newfoundland, according to a… 158 more words


Ontario carbon tax 'sneaky', says Canadian Taxpayers Federation

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is warning against the threat of rising carbon taxes in Ontario and across the country.

The group has released its 19th annual… 133 more words


Concerns voiced over city hall's cafeteria renovations

City Hall is getting a makeover, and a new cafeteria is on the list of renovations.

“We do have many people that work in the tower of City Hall and they have no place to go for lunch,” Mayor Michael Fougere said. 204 more words


Tallying up the bill for ‘green’ corporate welfare and its eye-popping cost

Most of us are familiar with corporate welfare directed to the aerospace and automotive sectors. When such taxpayer-financed subsidies crop up in the news, Bombardier and Chrysler (among other companies) are often noted. 762 more words

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Tank: True cost of city's revised budget is higher

After all the angst over the $9-million hole in the City of Saskatoon’s 2017 finances created by the provincial budget, residents are somehow escaping with the lowest property tax increase in 12 years. 654 more words


City's revised budget draws praise, criticism

Premier Brad Wall has sparked an important discussion with his suggestion municipalities use their reserve funds to make up for budget shortfalls, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. 507 more words

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Cuts to governance funding will mean more stress for rural school trustees

A cut in educational governance funding in the provincial budget will put more stress on rural and remote school trustees, according to the organization representing the province’s 28 school divisions. 428 more words

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