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17. Fifteen Dogs (Andre Alexis)

Fifteen Dogs, the 2015 Giller Prize winner, is our March Book club pick.  It is a unique story of fifteen unrelated dogs who are within a veterinary clinic when the Greed Gods, Hermes and Apollo decide to give human consciousness and language to the dogs as part of a bet.   368 more words


"...That is where I'm 'Really' From."

Consider this an uncensored diary entry of sorts. Political correctness isn’t something I necessarily expect of others, but once in a while, exceptions must be made. 54 more words


Are Canadians more violent than Americans?

Who has more violent crime per 100,000 people? Canada or US? MAKE YOUR BETS!

Canada has roughly 369,500 violent crimes per year (*1)
This works out to be 1055 violent crimes per 100,000 people. 48 more words


"What They Say" featuring Hello Moth

Available NOW!
Glass Apple Bonzai’s new single “What They Say” featuring the vocal talents of the wonderful and unique Hello Moth from Calgary , Alberta.


Cell Phone Blues

You called me, you rang me, so many times,

Told me you loved me, but now it’s all crimes,

You called me, this morning, told me nothing is new, 243 more words


Valentine's Weekend - Enjoy The Love!!!

[I wrote this post two years ago, just after I started writing, “The Chicago Files”.  This morning as I attempted to write a new post for Valentine’s Day (weekend), I felt the one you will read here is what I wanted to say again.  287 more words


Canadian K - "Build you own Canadian Celebration - Valentine's Day"

Celebratory Activities:

 Send someone an anonymous Valentine’s Day card.

Share a heart shaped treat.

Do something nice for someone without looking for something in return. 70 more words