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(Crochet) Maple Leaf Forever

Well, Canada Day is right around the corner. This Canada Day, of course, is special because it’s 150 years since confederation. If you’d rather not say “Happy 150th, Canada!” (because age is just a number after all) you can always go with “Happy Sesquicentennial, Canada!”, because silly words are more fun to say. 324 more words

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New podcast additions

I have found and had the following podcasts suggested to me. So much content to listen to, so little time :-)


Tales From My Couch: A Whole Lot of Nothing

A whole lot of nothing.

Is exactly what I’ve been up to as of late.

I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time lately working on things, contemplating life and strategizing from the comfort of my favourite couch (aka sitting and being lazy). 1,117 more words


Conversation between a Canadian sniper and Tom Mulcair

Tom this is Special Forces sniper I am about three and a half kilometers behind the front lines. I have a shot that will save lives, should I take it. 139 more words

What is Canadian Whiskey

Some call Canadian whiskey “rye”, because Canadian whiskey had some amount of rye in the mash bill, as opposed to a pure malt, wheat or corn whiskey. 253 more words


Pike Creek Whisky Finished in Port Barrels

This brand isn’t well-promoted or well-known, yet in my tasting, and further online research, I discovered that this is an under-appreciated gem, if you like sweet whiskey. 206 more words