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Mud in the outfield.

Steve Bannon is leading the charge in the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” Well I have three words for that right off the bat… rivers… 380 more words

Political Theory


I hate that money rules us so much. We base everything around that dollar sign and it sickens me!

Most days I debate bankruptcy so I can NOT have debt anymore. 152 more words


Week 1

A week here in Aberdeen.  I feel like this post should be filled with exciting tidbits and fanciful tales of what life is life here in Aberdeen.  266 more words

Pinned Down

As kids, we learn to internalize an identity that’s imposed on us. As adults, we learn to externalize our sense of belonging with objects or beliefs that define us. 46 more words


Company Town-Madeline Ashby

By Paola


I’m always on the lookout for Canadian Speculative Fiction authors, so when I saw that there was a cool noir-ish sci fi set in the Maritimes with a WOC lead written by a Canadian, it was kind of inevitable that I would pick it up. 600 more words


"the big empty abandoned town hall their heart is echoing inside of": A Review of Ivan Coyote's TOMBOY SURVIVAL GUIDE

In case you had the wild notion that it wouldn’t be: Ivan Coyote’s latest and unbelievably 11th book is just as great, and possibly greater, than everything they’ve done up until now. 1,010 more words


Jeezus Murphy Irish Red Ale - Saltbox Brewing Company

I am very happy to be living in Calgary. I have easy access to the mountains, I have a job that I enjoy, and I met my wife in Calgary. 428 more words