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Cairns Photo Gallery

Dreamtime Travellers’ Rest, our first home away from home

Cathedral Fig Tree

The Waterfalls


The first of many games of canasta with our fabulous cards (excellent wedding present from James) 41 more words


The Way We Play the Games We Play

While dating, Jerry’s friends told me that to have a successful relationship with him I would need to learn to love baseball and Cincinnati Chili. I won’t tell you which one was easier to love, but I have now successfully done both. 316 more words

Marriage Monday

My Second Mother's Day Without my Mom

Today is my second Mother’s Day without my mom.

I never thought I would be the one to continue to grieve, to be overcome with emotion, and to miss my mother so very much. 945 more words


Threw it out there...

Late last night I decided to stop production on Canasta. That’s because I decided it was worthy enough of a 1.0 release. So that’s exactly what I did, closed it up and threw it in a zipped up folder for the world to play around with. 121 more words


Making up for shortcomings...

I’ve spent the better part of the last couple of weeks going crazy over Canasta. It seems today it has finally paid off. I’m glad to announce that it right near reaching that elusive 1.0. 386 more words


Back in the saddle...

I’ve been a bit of a rock-star the last few days in regards to getting Canasta finished. I’ve nearly got most cases finished in the new AI scheme and it’s looking rather promising. 398 more words