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Got My Stuff Out! Pt. 2

Pt. 1 

Any old way, about the phone. My first friend asked me if it was the principle of the thing, my 2nd friend said that I should get my phone. 1,011 more words


Got My Stuff Out! Pt. 1

I moved my stuff out on Friday morning. I’m glad to have it done. The last two months of dealing with/living this situation involving Ash and the effects of the dissolving of our friendship have been disheartening, sickening, and stressful. 1,362 more words


A Little Peace/Moving Things To Storage

Earlier today I went by my ex’s house to grab my bike and to see if my hand knitted blanket that my grandmother made me was still in her closet. 572 more words


She Was Tired of Seeing It

Warning: This is the longest blog post that I’ve ever written. Drama involving my ex.

So, I went by my ex’s place today. Besides being her place, 3 of my friends live there. 2,990 more words


She Takes

On Thursday I went to my ex’s house to pick up some food for lunch and to grab my bike to ride it to work. I’d been sick for 10 days and last week was still feeling too weak to ride. 1,142 more words


Kiss, Read, Write..

Kiss, read, listen to music, write, make love, make peace, walk, drink water, exercise, look in the mirror and say “I love you” even if it is hard, fuck, fuck around, play on the internet, pray, play, say what you need to say. 8 more words


Feeling Grateful

gratitude: delicious garlic buttered toast topped with honey, Kalob, getting stuff crossed off the list, my Aunt and her insight and great pep talk, Anna C., voxer