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Time for a break from WoW

Well it’s that time of year, where I’ve not got through the current content in any meaningful way as yet, and there is a huge gulp of time to get to the next expansion. 143 more words


Giganews Diamond Account Terminated for VPN Torrenting

DSL reports tells of a Giganews Diamond Subscriber who had his account terminated for using the VPN connection to download torrents. Fortunately for the subscriber, Giganews did not pass on the users information to the copyright police, but did terminate his account. 72 more words


Goodbye Telara...

I’m no longer having an adventure in Telara (yes yes, I’ll update my Blog header etc tonight) – as of this morning I’ve decided to cancel my Rift subscription for a few main reasons which I’m going to go into more detail on below. 462 more words


Tweet Ethics (via anewguide)

I don’t tweet.

I use a desktop computer and have thus far stayed with the stone age e-mail system to maintain my communications.

As a college professor, trying to teach my students to think in paragraphs, tweeting strikes me as a retrograde step. 111 more words

Business Ethics

The peon is full-on weeping now

It’s done.

It’s just plain time for me.  Now I’ll be able to devote more time for my gardening and environmental pursuits, as well as my happy fun adventures in my… 102 more words