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The Other Side

I was three months past my 40th birthday when I received my diagnosis. This month I turned 45, which I think the original docs would have said at the time was not out of the question but probably wasn’t likely. 1,290 more words

Doc, It Doesn’t Hurt When I Do This

I have confided to my wife—and now to all of you—that I would take pain over nausea…depending on how much pain. I am now putting that to the test. 1,234 more words

Fighting talk: Why I'm not 'battling' my cancer

Most of us who have been diagnosed with cancer will be familiar with the war terminology that frequently accompanies a diagnosis. Fight, battle, war – they’re all words that get thrown around when you’re going through treatment or living with cancer. 770 more words

The In-Crowd

This is a tad embarrassing, so bear with me. I am reminded of Jerry Maguire’s mission statement: “The Things We Think and Do Not Say.” 1,231 more words

The biggest Shine Camp yet!

Six years ago this summer, we ran our first Shine Camp.  We weren’t even officially registered as a charity but seventeen people came. It was a great time and we decided to do it again (and again). 419 more words


The Internet: The good, the bad and the ugly

“Don’t go on the Internet”.

These are the words of many doctors and nurses that many of us hear when we’re first diagnosed. The Internet, of course, contains lots of useful information but sifting through everything that’s out there to get to the good stuff isn’t easy. 874 more words

Young Adult Cancer

Life but not as you knew it: One new immune system and two birthdays

There are lots of different types of cancer and, increasingly, just as many different types of treatments.  While many people with ‘solid’ tumours receive surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, blood cancers sometimes require a slightly different tack.   1,170 more words