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Life but not as you knew it: One new immune system and two birthdays

There are lots of different types of cancer and, increasingly, just as many different types of treatments.  While many people with ‘solid’ tumours receive surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, blood cancers sometimes require a slightly different tack.   1,171 more words


Life, but not as you knew it: Pregnancy, cancer and lights in the dark

There is never, ever a good time to get cancer, but having to face your own mortality while waiting to give birth to a new life is especially hard.   1,407 more words


Life - but not as you knew it: The importance of a cancer crew!

At Shine, we’ve always believed that there is a lot to be gained from being around others who just get what life with cancer is like.   840 more words

Young Adult Cancer

Life - but not as you knew it: Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

A couple of years ago, we were lucky enough to be introduced to Greig Trout, a two-time cancer fighter who is currently travelling around the world, getting his mojo back.   1,275 more words

Young Adult Cancer

Humankind's Best Friend

Cancer assaulted my family in an unexpected way last week. Our family dog, Jasmine, an 11-year-old Lab and Rottweiler mix, became lethargic and stopped eating so we took her to the vet. 1,232 more words

Looks Can Be Bereaving

I have always asked people to be authentic with me, and throughout my illness I admit I have been a bit dubious when friends have repeatedly told me, “You look good.” Implicit in these compliments is the unspoken “considering…,” but even with that understood qualifier and my doubts of the veracity of the comments, it was encouraging to hear. 1,325 more words

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

It dawned on me the other evening that one aspect missing from my life here versus where we were in New Jersey is physical activity. At our previous site, we both were mowing (okay, it was with a zero-turn mower, but it was still something somewhat physical), I had a walking routine in place on the property, there was snow to shovel in Winter, I had flowerbeds and veggie gardens to create and tend, and so forth. 710 more words

Full-time RVing