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40. Blogging – how it can turn your life around?

I like carrots – a lot, as it happens. But lest you think I have turned into an actual Rabbit (Buggsy – below) let me update my blog with a recent photograph. 1,592 more words

Cancer Experience

39. Survey of you all?

Why is there a (major) difference in popularity of these two entries submitted 4 days apart, based on data accessed today (18:00h GMT, Thursday, 4 February… 654 more words

Cancer Experience

38. Reviewing my Gastric cancer – a case for Proton beam radiation therapy?

Simulation of Proton Beam Therapy specifically targeting a tumour located deep in the brain.  Accessed at http://www.proton-therapy.org/howit.htm on Wednesday, 2 February, 2016.

Next Monday morning I will sit down with Dr P… 2,517 more words

Cancer Experience

37. Hippocratic and Hippocritic oafs – spot the difference!

A sculptured bust of Hippocrates and a reproduction of the original Hippocratic oath ‘manuscript’. Accessed at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocratic_Oath on 30 January 2016.

I formulated this title for the current blog… 4,026 more words

Cancer Experience

36. Combo chemo – 7 days on and counting, and still not dead yet!

Sorry, if anyone has been left wondering, was that Glen Frey blog his last one, or not? Clearly it wasn’t. This is one of those more mundane updates – what I ate, what I ate next… you know the sort of thing! 1,802 more words

Cancer Experience

34. Clever Colin’s Combo Chemo Cocktail – Coming up!

Accessed at on 18 January 2016

On Friday (15 January 2016) Elaine and I visited Ninewells hospital, Dundee to do the usual stuff as part of my Pre-Chemo assessment. 956 more words

Cancer Experience