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Post Insulinoma: A Daisy Update

I need to apologize to all of you.

A couple of months ago I wrote about Daisy’s insulinoma and shared my worries and my fears about her recovery, but I never came back to give you an update on how she was doing. 352 more words


The Fight Against Canine Cancer: Know The Signs Of Cancer In Pets

Cancer is caused by an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells located on the outside or inside of the body. Once cancer forms in one area it is likely to spread to other regions of the body if left untreated. 662 more words

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Daisy has an insulinoma

It’s been a rough couple of weeks here at Casa del Mel. If you haven’t seen it on my Facebook page, Daisy had surgery to remove a tumor, called an… 1,505 more words


Friday's Foto Fun - Toby in Red Glasses

In celebration of Toby being back home from C surgery yesterday, here we go. I love this one. It’s Toby Time!

The Scottie Chronicles

The Truth About Pit Bulls

Green eyes, red hair, big paws and head, and a ball of wrinkles. This was my baby boy and this marks the second year without him. 463 more words

Rabies in Dogs

Why Challenge Current Rabies Vaccine Policy?

Rabies vaccination is required by law in nearly all areas. Even though protection from rabies is documented to last at least three years, current law in some states or areas still requires that boosters be given annually or biannually rather than the standard policy of every three years. 413 more words

Reasons, Symptoms And Treatment Of Dog Cancer

Cancers are a common cause of deaths in pets. Dogs and cats aging more than 10 years are susceptible to cancers of various kinds. Studies estimate that more than fifty percent pets suffer from tumors and malignant cell growth especially during their aging years. 593 more words

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