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Book Review - The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer, Nicola Bourne

I jumped at the chance to review this book by Nicola Bourne as I’m always interested in an alternative perspective to cancer, especially those of other women who are/have been on a similar journey. 191 more words

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Another wonderful review of my book....

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If you are interested in reviewing The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer for your blog or website, please fill in your details below and I will contact you shortly. 77 more words

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Why I Wrote My Book - The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I looked for a book, a source of all the information I needed, but couldn’t find one that answered the questions that I had. 228 more words

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When Nicola met Channel 5 News

I am so thrilled that I was able to be involved in this interview with Channel 5 News, mainly because it is this exact issue that made me want to share my story in the first place.   298 more words

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Swishing Up Your Post-Op Wardrobe

Published on MyOstomy

I think one thing that most women can safely say they have in common when finding out they will need an ostomy, is a collective worry over how they are going to dress.   185 more words

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Coping Strategies - Cancer When You Have Children

I was recently emailed by a lady asking if I had any specific coping strategies that I could share for attempting to fight cancer and be a present parent for your child, that you want to be the best mum ever for? 497 more words

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Does Cancer Ever End?

If you break your leg, it’s annoying but it’s cast, it heals, then it’s over.  Becomes nothing more than a dinner party story about your teachers not believing you broke your leg playing football at break time and having to hobble about on it in huge amounts of pain all day (my husband, not me). 437 more words

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