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The Personality of Cancer is very creative, nurturing, and sensitive to emotions. Being a water sign, they tend to have psychic abilities because of their deep connection to their emotions which inevitably helps them to detect when something is or isn’t right with others. 628 more words

Moon Transit in Cancer

Waxing Moon is currently in Cancer. (Lunar day 7)
What does that mean?
Cancer is a secretive water sign that signifies the state of your heart or home and the Moon is the planet that signifies your emotions, mind, your mother figure, and how you desire to be nurtured and safe. 180 more words

Iquitos and the Saturn Return

The day before I left for the Peruvian Amazon in January, the moon was full and in my natal moon sign of Cancer. As a native Cancer moon, I thrive in feelings. 711 more words

Cancer Moon

flooding, grounding

Right now, I’m writing under overhead, incandescent light and I’m going a little bonkers because of it. My day of trying to get some work done went down with the sun. 1,877 more words


Full Moon in Cancer: The Immigrant

Welcome the Southern Moon to the Sign of Altruism! He will find things a lot different here, coming from the cobwebs of dilapidated castles which is the Northern Sign of Leo in The Crab. 351 more words

Moon Phases

Wolf Moon in Cancer Tonight

As the witching hour approaches, get ready for the energy of this full moon in cancer to envelope your emotions.

Don’t forget to set out your stones and anything else you need cleansed.

Enjoy the universe tonight!



Full Moon in Cancer vibes - What you touch, you becomeĀ 

Sitting solitary on the terrace of my home, only the moon as my company. 15 minutes until 9 o’clock. It’s 10 degree Celsius in this windy winter night. 662 more words