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Sugar Rush! : Full Moon in Cancer for XMAS 

It’s a Full Moon in Cancer just in time for Xmas. The full moon is great for parties and gatherings.

Cancer rules family of origin, so for the fam Xmas dinner tonight it couldn’t be more perfect energy. 121 more words



wished on the new moon. here’s to dreams that become reality.

new moon; choosing love

i’m back! today is july’s new moon, the second of three moons that will occur this month. summer is upon us and light fills the sky long into the evenings here. 237 more words

Moon Game

only if you want it---jupiter inconjunct pluto---may 21st

Well, today the quincunx between Leo Jupiter and Capricorn Pluto Rx exacts at 15° 16′.

I still have a brutal headache from seeing 3-D Fury Road… 117 more words


Today's transits - May 21, 2015 - Thursday

Moon conjunct Venus in Cancer (tropical zodiac).  That bright star next to the Moon tonight is actually a planet.  Our gorgeous neighbor, Venus.
Time to feel the beauty around you. 67 more words