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Knickers Model's Own: Cancer Research UK to launch its first book

Amid the grief of losing her mum, Mary, to cancer in 2014, Caroline Jones was determined to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a charity her mother had supported for 13 years. 111 more words


What it’s Really Like to Write a Book about Cancer

It wasn’t easy writing a book about one of the worst experiences I’ve had to encounter. I remember when writing the section about chemotherapy, I swear I could feel the cannula in my hand and the chemo seeping up my arm. 56 more words


City in Bloom & Liberty of London

The weather in London has been so lovely this week, it really feels like summer is on it’s way. The trees have started to bloom and the air has been filled with that earthy scent. 332 more words


Busy Busy Busy.

Normally when I say I haven’t blogged because I’ve been busy I’m just completely lying and actually I’m normally just incredibly lazy, this time however there’s actually been a hell of a lot going on in my life! 405 more words


Another discovery provides further renewed hope for the treatment of cancer

Scientists are developing a gene editing technique that could enable cancer cells to be destroyed by the immune system, it has been announced recently.

This technique has added to the innumerable advances to cancer treatment.Advances in cancer treatment is trending very fast and it is hoped that by 2020, treatment of cancer would have considerably improved to make cancer less dreadful than what it is today… 254 more words

Elite Training Programme part 2: Learning to walk before we can walk

It’s hard to know if what you’re doing is right. Whether you’re doing too little of the right thing and too much of the wrong. There are so many conflicting bits of advice about how to prepare, it makes you feel like whatever you’re doing won’t quite cut the mustard. 861 more words


I'm doing the Race for Life!!!

I am doing my first ever charity run on the 17th of July in memory of my Aunt Rosie who sadly passed away from cancer in February. 40 more words