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“Huckleberry Hearts” by Jennifer Beckstrand

I fell in love with Annie “Bananie” and Felty Helmuth, characters in Jennifer Beckstrand’s “Huckleberry Hill” series.  The latest one to catch my fancy is “Huckleberry Hearts”.  171 more words

Book Review

August 7, 2015

Isaiah 38:17 Surely it was for my benefit
that I suffered such anguish.

King Hezekiah had received a vitally important revelation, one that we all need. 673 more words


Hi-Res Cancer Surgery: Materials That Make TV Pictures Pop Also Guide Tumor Removal

When cancer surgeons remove tumors from the body, the difference between success and failure is often just a few cells. Any lingering malignancy could lead to a recurrence of the cancer, so it is vital that surgeons excise the entirety of the tumor when at all possible. 1,351 more words

Science & Technology

Details ll, Surgery 2003

With the freshly minted diagnosis of a malignant tumor in my right breast, upper right quadrant, I polled the friends who had had surgery for these kind of things. 937 more words

Your Breasts are Not Beasts

If you are given the diagnosis of cancer the first advice you are given is surgery, mastectomy or lumpectomy . They start talking about your breasts like they were beasts not breasts. 632 more words

Talking About Cancer

The Cost of Finding the Cure

Is there a treatment that could cure cancer? Ask any conventional doctor and he will tell you – NO. If you dare mention that you heard of a treatment that is effective against cancer and his response will be: “If there were a cure everyone would hear and know about.” 825 more words

Talking About Cancer

Treating Cancer Spots On The Liver - 3 Options, And They All Suck

Yep, cancer spots on the liver. I was really hoping to hear that things had been taken care of 100%, and now I’m not really sure how I feel. 12 more words