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Time Heals: Today’s Cancer Patients Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Generations Past

Only recently have I started to think a great deal about the history of cancer or the oncologists and patients that have come before me. I developed a fascination with these topics while watching the PBS miniseries… 869 more words

Day 79-80: Decision Time...

Day 79-80: Decision Time…

This is a long one… 2 days 5 doctors, 2 nurses and a resident.  Yep it’s been busy.  However, before I write it all up, there are a few disclosures I want to toss out there: 2,174 more words

Day 64: What is this... Shipping tape?

Day 64: What is this… Shipping tape?

Ok, so when I saw the surgeon at my last post-op appointment he said I could start taking the tape off the surgical sites.   359 more words

Albertans wait longer than national average for cancer surgery: report

CALGARY – New numbers from the Canadian Institute  for Health Information (CIHI) and Alberta Health Services has found Albertans are waiting longer than the national average for five types of cancer surgery. 260 more words


Twelve Minutes

So yesterday I had my twelve minutes of fame. Andy Warhol stipulated I should have gotten fifteen, but I had to visit the restroom for three minutes. 452 more words

Day 46: Even on drugs we can't pull one over on ya...

Day 46: “Even on drugs we can’t pull one over on ya…”

That is a quote from my mom.  We went for coffee and stopped by the post office, everyone assured me we had the key.. 709 more words

Well, Crap

Well crapola, here we go again. Surgery number nine is in two weeks. I had heard of the repeated surgical procedures often necessary following serious burns, or reconstructive work after an accident, but I never thought of it in terms of dealing with cancer. 353 more words