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Your Breasts are Not Beasts

If you are given the diagnosis of cancer the first advice you are given is surgery, mastectomy or lumpectomy . They start talking about your breasts like they were beasts not breasts. 634 more words

Talking About Cancer

The Cost of Finding the Cure

Is there a treatment that could cure cancer? Ask any conventional doctor and he will tell you – NO. If you dare mention that you heard of a treatment that is effective against cancer and his response will be: “If there were a cure everyone would hear and know about.” 825 more words

Talking About Cancer

Treating Cancer Spots On The Liver - 3 Options, And They All Suck

Yep, cancer spots on the liver. I was really hoping to hear that things had been taken care of 100%, and now I’m not really sure how I feel. 12 more words


Fear Kills cancer patients

Fear one of the most powerful emotions, energy of our being. It comes over us without us noticing it; if we try to avoid it, say we will not be fearful, it seems futile as it seeps in, taking over. 1,341 more words


Time Heals: Today’s Cancer Patients Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Generations Past

Only recently have I started to think a great deal about the history of cancer or the oncologists and patients that have come before me. I developed a fascination with these topics while watching the PBS miniseries… 869 more words

Day 79-80: Decision Time...

Day 79-80: Decision Time…

This is a long one… 2 days 5 doctors, 2 nurses and a resident.  Yep it’s been busy.  However, before I write it all up, there are a few disclosures I want to toss out there: 2,174 more words

Day 64: What is this... Shipping tape?

Day 64: What is this… Shipping tape?

Ok, so when I saw the surgeon at my last post-op appointment he said I could start taking the tape off the surgical sites.   359 more words