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Going Back To Church: Struggling With The Sprituality Piece

My daughter and I are at odds about the family church. Before I ever got pregnant, I went to many churches. Our city church in my domination has no kids. 605 more words


Fertility Journey: Waiting again

It could take up to month before I get another profile match for the embryo donation cycle.  The program we are using has three cycles.  We only used our first one.  491 more words

I Got The Sleep I Needed Last Night: My Plan

The program on the West Coast is indicating there may be a shorter wait time this next cycle.  I am already being put back on some of the meds.  665 more words

Home After The Transfer

I had two embryos transferred on Friday.  We got back Saturday.  An hour after the plane landed my Aunt called to see how I was doing.  303 more words

Where Has 11 Years Gone? Fertility Journey

My living daughter’s birthday is a time of great excitement and celebration. Sadly, my own family outside of my husband and daughter is not so loving. 1,901 more words

Embryo Donation

Our Family Goes On: Fertility Journey

It is a mess going on between egg donation program down south vs. the embryo donation program out West.  Yesterday, was my first day back at job #2.  1,008 more words