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A taste of my own medicine.

So I ran into someone I used to work with over the weekend. He lives within 30 minutes of me but I haven’t seen him for at least 5 years. 399 more words

The Dreaded "C" Word

Fundraiser: Sugar & Salt!

We love our community! The wonderful people at the local confectionery Sugar & Salt raised almost $500 for The Alyssa House at their St. Patrick’s Day”Sugar-Pa-Looza” event!

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Short catch-up

It’s been a while. That’s mostly deliberate. There’s honestly only so many “Today I sat here while X continued to drain messily into an improvised amalgam of absorbent surgical dressings and waterproof tape and Y’s containment held for another day” stories to tell, and that was a big part of the week for me. 212 more words


Chemo delayed

I was supposed to have my IV chemo this Tuesday through Friday but it’s been delayed until next week.

It’s because of the fever I had 2 weeks ago… But they only told me it was cancelled today (Monday). 8 more words

The Inbetweeners

Everyone knows about the stages of grief but what is not commonly known is that one doesn’t always have to experience all the stages, nor are the stages in boxes where you move from one to the next. 384 more words


Colon Cancer Survivor Says Screening Saved Her Life

CLIVE, Iowa  —  March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and doctors want people to know the screening isn’t so bad and it could save lives. 367 more words


My Stand On Facebook Part II

We can say this: cancer has softened me and given me new thoughts about many different things, and made a better man of me all around. 273 more words