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What October Brings

Whoa! October is already halfway! It’s Exclamation Point Day!

October always brings excitement to me. In addition to the October Fest images of frosted mugs, ice-cold beer, and yards of bratwursts, it is a day in this month of the year that I look forward to:  my annual meeting with my Primary Care Physician (PCP).  542 more words

Cancer Laughter

Bill Turnbull: Prostate cancer battle 'relentlessly boring'

The presenter admits he asked doctors to stop his chemo as he “couldn’t bear it any longer”.

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The Miracle that is Moringa

Written by Algoth’s Grove

‘If you’re looking for medicine, then turn to the Moringa Oleifera first…”

Native to Northern India, but cultivated across the world, the Moringa Oleifera is known in Africa as one of the… 550 more words


5 Health Benefits of Blueberries

1 – Blueberries for Cancer

Scientific evidence reports that the phytochemicals found in blueberries have potential as effective inhibitors of several types of cancer.

2 – Blueberries for Alzheimer’s… 216 more words


Robot seeks out skin cancer with suction

Fitted with a dermatoscope, the prototype can check for signs of skin abnormalities.

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Thank God I've Got Cancer

30 January 2002

Dear diary,

I woke up with a fit of cough, staining the bedsheet with crimson. I barely even reached the washroom before I threw up. 1,173 more words


Google's AI is now better than doctors at spotting breast cancer

Cancer researchers are constantly advancing the technology that doctors use to screen for, detect, and treat all kinds of cancers, and the survivability prospects have greatly improved over the past few decades. 316 more words