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Racing for Life

As a woman we all know the possibilities and risks that breast cancer can present. But here at Athena Well-woman we are joining the fight to stand up to cancer. 215 more words


Radio Quiz

Michelle from Sittingbourne, your sixty seconds starts….now. How far is the moon from Earth?…”erm, Ooh, ah..pass!”“three hundred and eighty four thousand four hundred kilometres!” the voice next to me shouts at the radio as she flicks the indicator right and pulls out of our street… 1,198 more words


Genetically Modified Immune Cells With ‘Suicide Genes’ Designed To Attack Cancers

Immunotherapies have been gaining in popularity in the last few years as a potential treatment for cancer. The idea is to use a patient’s own immune system to reject tumorous growth, either by vaccination, injection of substances that stimulate immunity, or cell transfer. 969 more words

Health And Medicine

Study reveals flaws in gene testing; results often conflict

FILE – In this Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011 file photo, a scientist works with DNA samples in a New Orleans laboratory. On Wedensday, May 27… 7 more words

Regenerative Medicine

Why Juice?

While battling cancer, juicing was a vital part of my husband’s nutritional support system and remains an important part of our plant-based diet.

When your body has developed cancer, or any illness, it is telling you something – its needs are not being met. 1,144 more words


The Montage

If my life were a movie, this blog would be a five minutes montage sequence, deftly edited, to show the audience what I have been up to in the six weeks since my discharge from UCLH’s care. 1,552 more words