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Not Recognizing Your Own Mother

San Holo is performing,  EDC is completely LIT, I am jumping up and down and dancing away like there is no tomorrow (while of course recording everything on the Snap), when I see that my younger sister sends me a text.   278 more words

#FightingCancer #LosingLovedOnes #Hope

Dog Chronicles: Dealing With Cancer!

Where do I start with Max? Sometimes last year, I was introduced to a very aggressive boerboel called Max. He had a small growth on his left hindlimb that his human was uncomfortable with. 310 more words



2013, the year I met my love. It’s still kinda weird but in a good way. Looking back, you remember ever detail and how easy it was. 214 more words

Natalie Elizabeth Evans

Natalie is Jennifer’s 16 year old daughter. Jennifer and Natalie have had a special relationship all of Natalie’s life. The bond between Jennifer and Natalie is rare and so strong. 1,180 more words

Portocath(For beginners)

Portacath -A portacath is an implanted venous access device for patients who need frequent or continuous administration of chemotherapy. Drugs used for chemotherapy are often toxic, and can damage skin, muscle tissue, and sometimes veins. 178 more words


No return after death

Everything in life dies. Nothing is immortal not even earth. We live in a universe that is just one of many. I say all this because why is it that we get so caught up into things that are temporary? 112 more words


June Astro Report

The Sun is now blazing through Cancer, about to catch up with Mercury and Mars which are also swimming through the sign of the Crab. This brings attention to the home front and the deep, vulnerable parts of ourselves. 750 more words