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May Flowers

As I write this, afternoon sunshine fills ours porch—and it warms my skin, the borrowed blood and platelets in my veins, my bones. The last few days, in fact, have brought an unexpected amount of sunshine and good news: 447 more words

How To Save A Life

Okay, forget Grey’s Anatomy.  Let me tell you how a life is really saved… mine.  Well at least one of the times.

First, how did I get to this particular moment?  867 more words


Oi, Grief, you stubborn little...

Two years ago today, we lost my sister in law, who was 39 at the time, after a long battle with cancer. It was a Thursday night and I had been working late. 894 more words


Cervical Cancer

…..to her, she was doing this to help her only child whom she gave birth to while in the penultimate year of secondary school.  Regrettably, she said, ‘ i had aborted a couple of pregnancies and had sex with several men while in secondary school and by then i was seventeen because i had to fend for myself as an orphan who had no one to help me, but this child just could not be aborted’.     833 more words


Falling off a Cliff

The past two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind.

It seemed that for a long time my body was struggling on with all of the various ailments I was suffering which I put down to age and aching muscles and I carried on virtually unaffected until I broke my fibula. 514 more words


Raising money for Charity!!

Today is a post with a complete turn. If anything it has something more to do with my best friend and her life, a personal life from a different view you could say. 318 more words


Kill Cancer With This Juice Taken Daily Before Eating!

To protect yourself the best way from serious problems you can try the alkaline diet. This diet treats and can kill cancer even in further stages. 90 more words