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A thought

I’ve had some tough crap come up of late. Not cancer thank the Lord. But some hard stuff none the less. Financial crap-family stuff. Just stuff. 578 more words


The Art of Honoring a Loved One's Memory

When someone you love dies, you never forget the day that he or she passed away. You remember that day because it’s the day you lose the part of yourself that thought it would be attached to that person forever. 877 more words


Study claims cellphone radiation can cause cancer

”The scientists were right — your cell phone can give you cancer,” Meredith Engel reports for The New York Daily News. “There have long been whispers of a cancer connection from your cell — and a new study backs up the claims. 299 more words


Stupidity Fatigue

There is a saying in the lottery industry when the public will not purchase tickets for a seemingly high jackpot called “jackpot fatigue.” It is caused by the ever increasing and ever publicized jackpots always available to the public. 422 more words


I Miss(ed) Roger Ebert

When I was coming of age as a poet in Chicago, Roger Ebert was just the chubby-faced guy whose photo sat at the top of his film review column. 1,882 more words

Letters: Light show trumps cancer care

Re: “Funding cuts hurt cancer care” (Montreal Gazette, July 31)

The Friday Montreal Gazette and my wife said it all. The top of the front page tells us that cancer treatment is hurting due to lack of funding, and below that, we have the announcement that millions of dollars will be spent to light up a bridge. 375 more words


Blog Blog Blog Blog - Issue #1

This is the first blog I have taken seriously since having one that I ranted and raved on in the haydays of livejournal. I am not sure if I have a purpose yet or if I will continue to write in a serious manner. 1,697 more words