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Annia Diggs

Title: Research Associate

Company: School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

Location: Baltimore, MD

After Annia M. Diggs graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, she started out as a lab technician working on animals and research. 156 more words

Research And Education

Cancer 1 - The basics you can't miss

You know we love to get the basics down pat. We’ve compiled some information that you MUST know about before you learn about the area of oncology. 14 more words


Scientists find early warning signs of several cancers in smokers' cheeks .

By studying the genetic changes undergone by women who smoke, scientists in the UK have figured out how to detect several types of cancer around the body with almost perfect sensitivity, just by analysing a person’s cheek cells. 517 more words


New Tunes! Stealing Sheep, Sweet Valley, A$AP Rocky, Mac DeMarco & Cancers


Stealing Sheep

Not Real

Taking cues from the weirder parts of 60’s pop, “Deadlock” hypnotizes with its light vocal harmonies and shifty musical flourishes throughout. 522 more words

New Tunes

Lifestyle changes can prevent atleast 60% of all Cancers

Are Cancers genetic (hereditary) or environmental in origin?

After sequencing his own genome, pioneer genomic researcher Craig Venter remarked, “Human biology is actually far more complicated than we imagine. 3,775 more words

Toxic Foods: There Is Antifreeze In Your Ice Cream | Health

Along time ago in a far away place,farmers created icecream !!
And the children loved it.It was even good for them,omg.

Not long ago industry decided to be greedy,and mass produce a product for wealth,caring absolutely nothing… 133 more words


Toadly awesome: Kiss the frog!!

I don’t promise a prince charming popping out of a gross slimy creature but kiss it anyway, because what it will do for your health someday will surprise you! 489 more words

Angels And Daemons