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Here's To Sam

The 2nd of July 2016 was a great day of celebration. Miss Sam a very beautiful woman inside and out celebrated her birthday.

You see it wasn’t just another birthday, my friend has been through the grinding mill with this horrid thing they call cancer. 237 more words

3 Deadly Cancers Which Kill Nigerian Men Like Fowl Every Day

A good number of deadly cancers are not known to many Nigerian men. Some of these cancers do not kill in high numbers, but when someone is affected, they become a terminal disease. 569 more words



Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that affects the cervix (which is described as the mouth of the womb). Like most cancers, the causes are not known, and the only key to its treatment is prevention. 333 more words

How to Attract and Keep a Taurus Goddess Happy!

On behalf of my Taurus sister goddesses, I am dedicating this post to all the titans out there who have not had much luck in attracting and keeping a Taurus goddess in a romantic relationship. 1,083 more words


Lydia was a Cancer

Day 3 of Lydia’s life was much like day 2, one can safely surmise, since the lives of babies are usually blessedly soft and full of sleep and milk and sleep. 1,535 more words


Quaker Oats Is Sued For $5million Following Claims WEED KILLER Is Used In Production!

Be careful, because depending on the oatmeal brand that you purchased, your oatmeal may be killing you. Quaker Oats is being sued for $5million by a man who claims they use a dangerous weed killer during production. 258 more words

Real News

15 Reasons To Kick Sugar

There’s nothing sweet about what too much sugar does to your diet and your health. Did you know that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and it’s also damaging to your liver and brain, and accelerates aging? 16 more words