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Chemicals to Avoid in Personal Care Products and Cosmetics

“Be Informed” of the ingredients in your Personal Care Products as they may not be beneficial for your health at times. There is a lot of fear in minds of already occupied minds to keep a track of all these aspects but being informed allows you to make conscious choices. 549 more words


5 Reasons Cancers Make The Best Roommates Ever

In between feisty Gemini and in-your-face Leo is a more quite, mellow astrological sign. This is none other than Cancer, the crustacean out of all the Zodiac animals. 626 more words

High Rates of Cancer Remission

Doctors would like to take credit for cures but cancer remission on its own does happen often. In fact the numbers would surprise you. The most recent case being of a teenage girl who stopped taking drugs to treat her HIV yet is not facing any further complications (at least not for the moment). 456 more words

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Take a Stand and Walk it Out!

Lately, there has been more and more published about how sitting for too long can be bad for you. And based on the scientific findings, we office workers should all be concerned. 202 more words

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