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Haletunes Music Monday C is for Canada (pt 1)

After a few false starts, some tech issues that ate two of my previous drafts, and delays caused by family and work schedules, here is the next entry in my A to Z Music challenge.   1,667 more words


CanCon, Canadian TV aaaaaaaaand Satan!

I am proud to be Canadian. I am not always proud of Canadian things.

I can’t imagine being from anywhere else. It would be wonderful to live in Britain. 1,249 more words


Dan Talevski: Guilty as Sin and oh so good

Do you want to know something strange? I don’t remember how I became a fan of Dan Talevski–well yes, the voice, obviously and he’s not bad to look at either.   790 more words

Music And Other Art

Oedipus Rex [1957]

I finally read the play on the 6:30 AM train to work this week. It was readily clear to me the genetic lineage of many modern films and TV series that was first seeded from this 2,444-year-old play, and that must’ve been scandalous in its own age.  16 more words


Interview with Phil Day, creator of Sol tabletop RPG

Hey there guys,

Well, it’s a new year, and I’m back to writing. Not gonna make any promises about regularity of content, but we’ll see how we go. 4,408 more words


Cancon Pictures

I didn’t take many pictures this year, mainly as I was playing. While the playing didn’t go too well I had a blast – mainly destroying buildings which won me a couple of 4Grounds 10mm Art-Deco buildings as a prize. 21 more words

Dropzone Commander