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Lots More Quality to Crow About Than Just Orphan Black

One of the things I have noticed in debates on Canadian TV in media and online, is that there is a lot more debate about policy, regulation, jobs etc., then there is about the shows we make here in Canada. 575 more words


Kat in the Hall: 1x02

Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate: Tuesday October 31st, 1989

Watch along on youtube: HERE.

The Sketches


Finally, a reason to stay tuned; On the CRTC and CanCon's future

Presuming the next government doesn’t also perceive some political margin to be had in lowering Canadians’ cable bills, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has now finished delivering the major points in the framework that will govern the country’s television landscape for the foreseeable future. 907 more words


Kat in the Hall: 1x01

Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate: Tuesday October 24th, 1989

The Sketches


Kat in the Hall: The Pilot (1988)

Welcome to the first post for Kat in the Hall! If you’re not sure what that is: check here.

This post focuses on the “best of” pilot footage that aired on Comedy Central and is present as a DVD extra on the boxset. 767 more words


Kat in the Hall: A New Project

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows I love marathoning TV shows and watching an actor’s entire filmography. I fangirl, I obsess, and often I’ll watch nothing but one TV show or fandom for weeks on end. 331 more words


Paul Lawton and the close of Mammoth Cave Records

Paul Lawton on arts grants:

“You should be supporting the infrastructure, and enabling more people,” Lawton says when asked about an alternative model. “If we’re in a fragmented universe, and my taste is not the same as your taste, if we cannot agree on any of that, then that money intended to promote Canadian culture and Canadian art making should be supporting infrastructure in terms of rehearsal lessons, music lessons, supporting independent, non-bar-based performance spaces.

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