Bean Family Portraits

A little-known codicil to the Chicago law mentioned in the last post is that all travelers to Chicago must also take a family photograph reflected in the Bean:


The Bean

It’s the law in Chicago that all tourists must take photographs of the lovely mirrored sculpture, the Bean:


Game Designer Says Developers Would Be More Candid If Gamer Culture Wasn't So Toxic

(Source: kotaku.com)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been a breeding ground for toxic behavior

Video game enthusiasts often muse about the secrecy surrounding game development, which is at times treated as if it were operated by the NSA. 754 more words


Baby Joe!

Dan and Amanda opted for a cozy session at home.  We got lot of pet love with a side of baby snuggles. Click the images to view larger!


It's good to have someone to lean on

“When you can’t figure out what to do, it’s time for a nap.”
― Mason Cooley

Street Photography