Have a Baby, Lose Your Mind

Throughout pregnancy, people often refer to having ‘baby brain’. And while medical studies do note changed to a woman’s brain throughout pregnancy and for two years after birth (specifically in relation to the brain’s response to seeing your child’s face), there’s no actual evidence that motherhood makes you more forgetful. 315 more words

Things I Never Did Before I Was a Parent

 Thought you wouldn’t be one of those mums? Think again. Here are 12 things I never thought I’d do… Before becoming a mum.

  1. Just put another jumper on to cover up a vomit stain on the one underneath, rather than actually taking the offending item off…
  2. 209 more words

Good bye, M! : 2 years with Leica M typ 240

Leica M240 was supposedly a beginning of a new era for the brand. The first M to use CMOS sensor, the first one to support video, live view, and a bunch of ‘modern day’ features Leica M did not have. 358 more words

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