XDrive Photo Lesson – 3 – Breathing Space

I thought I participate in Raj’s Learn Photography – 3 – Breathing Space Challenge this week.

I took this photo this past spring at our Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon.   126 more words

Cee Neuner

This fitness blogger just got very candid about the truth behind her "perfect" hair

It’s hard to believe that the seemingly flawless models we see all over Instagram are just as human as the rest of us — which is why it’s so powerful when one of them chooses to admit that they, too, have insecurities about their appearance. 470 more words


In The Nest | Ford Family

Early morning documentary session in the books, once again, & it was perfection.

One of the top questions I get when booking a session is, “what time should we start?”, & I always respond with my own question, “when are your kids their happiest?”.   651 more words