Love Song.

That song you ended up liking from your last wedding gig.. and that picture that looks different and artsy.. Its a blessed time to edit.


Michelle + Jonny / Rustic Lime Park Wedding

A lot of the times when it comes to blogs I often try to let the images do the talking but I have to add a few words on just how much of a special day this was, from start to finish. 173 more words


The Pious Old Man

THE TRIP TO srirangapatna

The day we arrived at Bangalore, around 5 in the morning, was the day we left to Srirangapatna at about 8 am. 277 more words


Candid #3

If you ever wondered what I look like when I’m horny, there you go! Perfect example of my I-want-to-get-fucked face! lol