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Breaking free from obligation

Sometimes prayer feels easy and natural and I can’t wait to have some quiet time to spend with God. Other days it feels like a chore and I have to battle with myself to slow down and do it, all the while fighting off distracting thoughts and the desire to be doing something else. 627 more words


The day has come!

“This is for the whole megillah, for the whole ball of wax, for the whole kit and caboodle, for the whole enchilada, for the whole shooting match. 769 more words


Psyched out

I’ve completed the next step of my candidacy… The psychological evaluation.

I consider myself lucky.  As I’ve been going through the process, I’ve been taking things one step at a time.   874 more words


Initial Interview with Candidacy

So I had my first interview with the Western North Dakota Candidacy Committee today.  Now, this wasn’t with the whole committee, it was with one member of the committee.  915 more words


Filing For Certificates Of Candidacy For Presidency And The 2016 National Elections

Find out about the law involved in filing for certificate of candidacy and other legalities on the national elections.

The Washington Post's Latest Scoop

Nothing so warms as the heart as a good old journalistic screw-up, especially when the self-righteous watchdogs of democracy and unforgiving judges of other people’s failures in the most almighty media are forced to admit that they are also mere humans. 1,036 more words


Candidacy in the ELCA

Today I got an e-mail that is giving me the next piece for candidacy.  So I started thinking about sharing what this means.

Let me start by explaining a bit about the ELCA to those who don’t know about it.  885 more words