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Role Model

So you want to be a pastor? Great! Welcome to the ELCA candidacy process, here in the church we say that we want you to bring your full selves into this community. 597 more words



Israel should hope Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wins Iran’s upcoming presidential election, Dr. Thamar E. Gindin, a Jerusalem-based Iranian specialist, said Wednesday, hours after Ahmadinejad announced he was defying the wishes of Iran’s supreme leader and registering to run. 550 more words

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day 1 (of 20)

Today marks twenty days until I formally defend my dissertation proposal (April 21!!!)

Today also marks the first day of a new month and the somewhat recent beginning of a new season here in the northern hemisphere. 636 more words

Lisa Hammershaimb

FBI Director James Comey's 'October Surprise' Doomed Hillary Clinton's Candidacy: Analysis

Do you remember how you felt last October after you heard that FBI Director James Comey was reopening the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s possible illegal handling of classified communiqués while Secretary of State—just 11 days before the presidential election? 813 more words

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Be Careful of Men

I’ve grown up in the ELCA, but it wasn’t until I decided to attend seminary and begin the candidacy process to become a pastor that I really started to see the way in which my sexuality and gender would play a role in how I was treated. 878 more words


Relatively Lucky

I was lucky, I guess.

I grew up in a solidly middle-class Lutheran church and never got the message from that community that sex was bad, dirty, or something to be ashamed of. 645 more words


The Hypocrisy Of Andrew Puzder's Candidacy

TYT Politics reporters Ryan Grim and Eric Byler discuss the problems unfolding within the Andrew Puzder candidacy for Labor Secretary.