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ArcheAge meets heroes

In Heroes Awaken, players will have the chance to serve as leaders for their faction: Nuia, Haranya, or Pirate. 704 more words


Trump ~ The Politics of 'Irritainment' and Reality Star vs Reality (Video)

Whew!  Wall to padded wall media coverage of The Donald and his kooky campaign induces some strange hypnotic state – an admixture of entertainment and irritation. 621 more words


Candidacying in Doubt: Weeks Thirteen and Fourteen

I decided that it would be better (read: more interesting) to do a biweekly posting instead of a weekly one because I’m finding there is a lot of repetition. 462 more words

PhDing In Doubt

Londoners: Jeremy Corbyn & socialism will impoverish us all

According to recent polls, “left-winger” Labour leader candidate Jeremy Corbyn is “first choice for Londoners”.

This is a politician who believes that public ownership (i.e. government ownership) of industry and means of production is a good idea; who wants to re-nationalise the railways and everything else deemed ‘too important’ to be left to free markets; who wants to introduce rent controls in London; and who wants to implement ‘People’s Quantitative Easing’ (which is printing money to fund governments projects like house building). 1,075 more words


Donald Trump: Ok, Fine, I'll Add My Two Cents

Are you tired of seeing his face everywhere too? (I really tried to find one of less-common photos, I really did) Because i sure am. I was so determined to not be yet another blogger writing yet another article that, yet again, isn’t very original and just reminds me how much this guy annoys me. 325 more words


Biden Still Undecided About Run for Presidency

By Josh Lederman, Associated Press

(WASHINGTON) — Vice President Joe Biden and his wife are retreating from Washington for a week in South Carolina with little on their schedule but a momentous decision to make: whether he should run for president. 212 more words


To Candidacy and Beyond: Weeks Eleven and Twelve

Once again this is a combined post because I forgot to update again last weekend.

To be fair, I was all out of sorts ( = sad) because a bird flew into a window and died on my balcony. 471 more words

PhDing (in Doubt)