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LOCAL NEWS: Jeff Johnson Will Run For Mayor of Cleveland

Cleveland Councilman Jeff Johnson will formally announce his candidacy for Mayor of Cleveland at a press conference on Tuesday.

Johnson, who represents Cleveland’s 10th Ward, has been a Councilman since 2009. 52 more words


He raped me, but has no consequences because "people can change & the church is about forgiveness"

I used to drink a lot. My favorite drinking friends were my best friend and her husband. We would take shots until we passed out. These were church friends. 193 more words


“How do you feel when someone finds you attractive?”

I was about halfway done with my six-hour psych testing period. I remember reading that question and the limiting multiple-choice answers that were available, and cringing. 600 more words


Homeroom President Candidacy Video

This is the video that Monet Mendenhall and I used to run for Homeroom Presidents — we got the position!

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Donald Trump’s rage-driven candidacy is just the beginning

Whatever happens on Tuesday, the savaging of American political discourse seen in this election cycle is not going away. The growth of conspiracy theories, the dire warnings of a “rigged” election, the sharp resurgence of racial politics, the persistent dislike voters have for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, even among some who intend to vote for them, and indeed, the sight of Trump merrily plumbing the depths of narcissistic and abusive rhetoric while Clinton is assailed and disliked for her politician’s inauthenticity and dishonesty – all these may be the new normal for American elections in the foreseeable future. 3,628 more words

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Sexually Harassed in Candidacy Interview

I expected to be challenged in my candidacy interview.

I expected that my committee would press me on my theology, my growing edges as a leader, and maybe even probe into the messy parts of my personal life. 1,285 more words


Sexism in Candidacy Questions

My husband and I are both candidates for ordination in the ELCA.

During my entrance interview with my committee, there was a lot of pressure for me to attend a Lutheran seminary instead of an Ivy League Divinity school, despite my gifts and academic inclinations.  61 more words