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BFP - Bridlington North – Thelma Milns

This week the Bridlington Free Press shared information about all the candidates for Bridlington North including the UKIP candidate for Bridlington North – Thelma Milns


Just a reminder: ‘Austerity Hasn’t Worked and it Won’t Work!’

Andy White, Local Candidate in Ashbourne, Derbyshire Dales says:

Austerity is framed as being the saviour of our economy. We’re all in it together is the mantra! 319 more words

Derbyshire County

The Futility of the Coming Election

Every four years, we Americans are subjected to the to another pointless election, filled with partisan pandering, shameless mudslinging, boring debates, and of course that one relative you vehemently disagree with but refuses to shut up about it. 156 more words



New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has not made a formal announcement that he is Republican candidate for president in the 2016 election, but he sure is acting like one. 447 more words


What if a candidate dies?

Readers may recall that in the 2005 general election, the Liberal Democrat candidate in Staffordshire South died and the election in the seat was deferred.   A friend asked me recently why, following the death of former Eurovision singer, Ronnie Carroll, who had been nominated as a candidate in the current election, the election in the seat was not called off until a later date.  256 more words

BFP - Bridlington South – David Robson

This week the Bridlington Free Press shared information about all the candidates for Bridlington South including the UKIP candidate for Bridlington South – David Robson


Hillary Clinton Has a Mitt Romney Problem

Watching Hillary Clinton’s campaign flounder about for a response to “Pay for Play” allegations during her time as Secretary of State makes me smile.  Democrats threw their entire 2016 efforts onto the Hillary bandwagon and that wagon sure looks unsteady now.   597 more words