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Trump and the GOP

6/29/2015 5:15 PM:

“Cultural Marxism and its many variants, such as political correctness and multiculturalism, is now firmly ensconced in the White House and the Democrat Party, while the Republican Party, dominated by eunuchs and the avaricious, continuously accommodates its “principles” to match an ever-shifting leftward movement of the “conventional wisdom.” It does so solely to maintain its place as the token opposition and grifter at the federal tax-revenue trough for the personal financial benefits that it provides.

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That winning smile

And voracious apatite;



Inspired by this morning’s CNN/ORC American Political Front Runner Poll


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He who smelt it dealt it

The GOP candidate list is getting so tight, if one of them farted in Congress they’d all suffocate.

Seriously how many more Republicans are going to join this fucking election?


Christie says he's running in 2016 to 'change the world'

LIVINGSTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie prepared Tuesday to launch his 2016 campaign for president, telling his most loyal supporters that he’s ready to begin what he called a “noble” effort to “lead our country and to change the world.” 757 more words


Why Do Journalists Take Delusional Presidential Candidates So Seriously? | The Nation

Holy crap!  Finally someone is asking the question that I have been asking for a decade.

I mean….really?  Carson, Pakai, Jindal, Trump and the list goes on……they have zero chance of the nomination…..but the MSM chases them for interviews…..why? 35 more words