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Equal Justice for All

There is one quality the two candidates running for President of the United States have in common: their wealth.

In a sense that makes them both elites, the establishment, those who have arrived. 683 more words

Overtime, Part 1: August 28, 2016

Host Scott Faughn is joined by Rep. Andrew Koenig and Bill Eigel, Republican nominees for state senate for the first half of the show, talking campaigns and more.


Down Ticket Matters Too

Recently, among many Libertarian Party groups I associate with online and off, I have heard many complaints about our top ticket candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. 595 more words


Brands Need Good Leadership

Brands. There’s a lot of talk about brands, branding and the importance brands evolving.
Take Taylor Swift. Hugely successful ingénue country singer who successfully pivoted her brand to main stream vocal Phenom. 184 more words


Consider Gary Johnson, Libertarian for President

Many of us feel very dissatisfied about having to choose between the lesser f two evils for president.  Many think that Hillary Clinton is dishonest and has been bought and paid for by large special interests, and many think that Trump is unqualified in international affairs and a braggart bully with no substance on the issues.   204 more words

Bernie Sanders endorses Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn recently claimed to have the support of former Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

The Press Association reported Corbyn as saying the following

“We had a message yesterday from Bernie Sanders saying that they condemned him because he wasn’t electable,”

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