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I Joined To Win - a year on

Just over a year ago I wrote a piece for Lib Dem Expand, all about winning a tremendous council election victory in deepest Labour Rotherham. 606 more words

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Introducing MoneyMail: RTM's Fundraising Email Service for Political Campaigns

You asked for it and we listened! You’ve heard of “Money Bombs” and “Email Blasts,” well now comes MoneyMail on the RaiseTheMoney.com platform. MoneyMail is Raise The Money’s email service that is accessible directly through your own account. 410 more words


Recap: Democratic Michigan Gubernatorial Candidates Hold First Televised Debate

GRAND RAPIDS (AP) — The three Democrats running for Michigan governor met for their first televised debate Wednesday night, with two decrying corporate financial influence on state politics while a third — who accepts such campaign donations — refused to be pulled into the criticism while casting herself as an experienced, bipartisan problem-solver. 638 more words


That One Story You Didn’t Want To Read

If we told you what this story was about you wouldn’t click it

• Britain leads the world in hiring AI brains. But it is our universities… 35 more words


Oops! We forgot to mention that Georgia Backroads magazine...

… has an article about some of our research in the Spring 2018 IssueThe article is about searching for the lost location of the Cherokee Removal fort, Fort Buffington, 135 more words


This is real?

Apparently so,  though you’d think a candidate  who lives in  Colorado would be sufficiently aware of guns to realize that the average pepper spray’s maximum effectiveness range runs about 10 feet,  meaning you’d be dead long before you got close enough to a shooter’s eyes to do any damage.    62 more words

Learn Which 30 State Attorneys General Are On the Ballot In 2018 -- UPDATED June 9 So You Can Vote Out the Bums Trying to Hurt People Who Have Pre-Existing Conditions

Learn which 30 state attorneys general are on the ballot in 2018, so you can vote out the state AGs who are attacking the 130 million Americans who have pre-existing conditions, and so you can support the state AGs who are defending those vulnerable people.  5,038 more words

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