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Some more Riga Shenanigans

Believe it or not, tomorrow I will have been in Latvia for two full weeks! My internship hasn’t started yet, so I’ve been getting settled in and getting to know the city. 863 more words


How to Combine Leftover Candles

You know what’s a bummer? When your candle won’t burn anymore but there’s a ton of wax still in the jar. Turns out, it’s SUPER easy to melt down that wax and make a brand new candle- and really inexpensive too. 361 more words

Sunday Homestead Update

It has been a hard week at the homestead.  The absence of Holly is constantly obvious since she was always with us as we went about our days on the homestead.  294 more words


Another Gel Candle: Martini glass!

I know that I’m supposed to be done with candles. However, I was unhappy with how my sponge-bob square-pants candle turned out and felt the urge to fix it. 134 more words


Candlemaking with my Dad

I am home for Christmas, way, way out in the country, where adventures are difficult to come by unless I was to borrow either the megatruck or the megatractor to go tens of miles into town – where there still would be little new to do.  631 more words


Winter Solstice!

The Wheel of the Year has turned once again, and we’re going to climb back towards the light! I know I’ve said it before, but I will keep on repeating it – the Winter Solstice is a time of darkness passing, of the tide turning. 360 more words


Fast Shipping and a Free Sample!

Remember the post I wrote yesterday about candle supplies? I made the order yesterday afternoon, and the package arrived today! Granted, Peak Candle is located in my state, but still–it’s impressive. 187 more words

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