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Darby smart candle makingĀ 

Hey everyone, today I wanted to share my candle making stories and tips. I got the required materials from Darby smart the online crafting store. This was great because it had everything I needed to make the project. 192 more words

Gratitude is Taught: Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Baskets

Another labor of love we’ve been busy with recently here at More de Vivre were our Teacher Appreciation Week gift baskets. Our daughter has 4 teachers and while the standard practice is to recognize her primary educator, in our case, the other three members of our team are equally important. 531 more words


I am torn

I am wanting to purchase a domain name for my blog. I am not crazy about the fact that my last name is in my current domain name, plus it still says .wordpress.com. 154 more words


I could write "professional essay bullshitter" on my resume

Somehow I have successfully written 12 pages worth of essay for my final in my interviewing class. I don’t know how I did it, but I’m pretty good writing under pressure. 378 more words


Random Idea of the Night

Previously, I had a small candle business that I called L’allumer Candle. I know now that I should have named it something simple, and I probably shouldn’t have invested so much money into it right away. 245 more words