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How to make Soy Candles

Making soy candles is simple and does not take long. Once finished you have gorgeous, professional looking candles to use and give away as gifts. 429 more words

How To

Lavender soy candles

Between work and keeping up with my personal life, I haven’t had much time to work on my crafts recently. It’s been much too hot to work on the blankets and what not I’ve been crocheting, and then it occurred to me that I haven’t done any candle-making in over a month! 352 more words



Okay, I know I’m sharing a lot today but it feels good to get this outta my head. Which is why I love to journal. Since no one reads my journals, it feels just as good sharing here also. 124 more words

Blue Sky tag

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Robin over at Imperial Crochet to do the Blue Sky tag! Thank you for thinking of me Robin!

Living in England, it’s less of a Blue Sky tag and more of a grey-sky-some-blue-if-you’re-really-lucky tag. 654 more words


My first time working with Soy Wax Part 2

It’s been a couple of days since my first try using soy wax for a candle and overall it’s turned out quite well!

The colouring has made the wax a sort of powder blue which is interesting as the liquid wax was a vivid turquoise colour. 153 more words


My first time working with Soy Wax

After a nice picnic in the park, I decided to have my first crack at making a soy wax candle. All of my previous candles had used paraffin wax, and I had heard conflicting things about soy wax’s similarity to paraffin so I didn’t know how well my first attempt would work. 416 more words


Mother's Day Incoming

Are you prepared for Mother’s Day? Because I never am.

As a special for this Mother’s Day we are providing bundles of our new scrubs and candles. 14 more words