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Sunday sleep schedule, or, how Shawna ruined her day tomorrow

Today was pretty much a regular Sunday. I woke up at noon and wasted about 6 hours of the afternoon before taking a nap at 6pm. 274 more words

How To Make Your Own Candles From Essential Oils

Soothing and pleasant, essential oils are great for relaxation and ambiance. Essential oil candles are one option for making use of the enjoyable scents, and they can be made at home. 344 more words


April 8 - Mind Your Own Beeswax

I have collected beeswax since I started beekeeping. Some of it I’ve already used in lip gloss and hand lotion, in my artwork or as seasoning for my cast iron pots (got that tip from my Father-in-law, Tom). 269 more words


Crafty Couponer: How to Make Candles

Hi everyone, recently I’ve been making candles at home with my old Glade candle jars. I just started making them in mason jars and it’s really a lot of fun, so I thought I would share it with you all! 240 more words


The Effects of Wine on Writing

under hobbies i listed
drinking wine, but no one took
me seriously.
“i say,” i said, “dont disparage my
good taste.”
if i had mentioned basket weaving, 71 more words


Some more Riga Shenanigans

Believe it or not, tomorrow I will have been in Latvia for two full weeks! My internship hasn’t started yet, so I’ve been getting settled in and getting to know the city. 863 more words


How to Combine Leftover Candles

You know what’s a bummer? When your candle won’t burn anymore┬ábut there’s a ton of wax still in the jar. Turns out, it’s SUPER easy to melt down that wax and make a brand new candle- and really inexpensive too. 361 more words