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Angel-Lights in Transition

The liturgical and cultural transition into Ash Wednesday is, perhaps, my favourite.  It is the most stark and it is the quickest.  The full religious meaning permeates sharply into secular culture and it begins the culmination of the whole year toward the celebration of the Paschal Mystery during the Triduum. 220 more words

Ash Wednesday

New on 500px : candlemas by DeSelby

taken on a stroll

editing inspiration:
terje rypdal “and the sky was coloured with waterfalls and angels”

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Valentine's Day

Today, in case you haven’t noticed, is Valentine’s Day.  Last year I used a writing prompt about Valentine’s Day and came up with this post… 405 more words


Candlemas (2 February)

I still like to look at old calendars where life was regulated by seasons and traditional festivals and labours. The seasons were marked by Solstices and Equinoxes, which are easier to remember today. 1,177 more words


Fire and ice

Recently, my family and I were invited to a neighbour’s farm to help celebrate the tradition of Candlemas (pronounced like Christmas, only with “Candle” instead of “Christ”). 509 more words

I Spy....

Though it is the middle of winter and much of the country is battened down against the cold, rain and snow, in Southern California yesterday, it was just another fine day at the park :) 102 more words

Southern California