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Things I've Been Loving Lately 2.0

Moleskine Special Editions

So, you know those classic leather-bound notebooks that never go out of style?

The themes change often, so be on the lookout for fun editions like, HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, PEANUTS, SNOW WHITE, AND MORE! 379 more words


Candle Feature: Sweet Pea

Hello Everyone!

The month of March is about a week away and you know what that means?! SPRING is coming (March 20th to be exact). So to get everyone in the “Spring” spirit, we wanted to highlight our candle Sweet Pea. 55 more words


Frida was a successful Investment Banker in the vibrant city of Bangalore in India. She had everything that one could ask for. She enjoyed the respect of people around her because of her high paying job, had a comfortable home, a boyfriend who loved her and a supportive family. 1,009 more words

Transport yourself to a vibrant cuban paradise with Yankee Candle’s Viva Havana

I have this burning as I blog and I have to say it’s an absolutely stunning fragrance. Viva Havana doesn’t over power and the candle has a good scent throw which offers a wonderfully room filling aroma. 288 more words


5 Ways to Bring Hygee into Your Home with Decor

Have you heard about Hygee? Pronounced “hoo-gah” it is a Danish word used to describe a feeling or moment of coziness, comfort, well-being, or safety. It is about being present in a moment, and enjoying the simplicity and greatness of the feeling. 197 more words

Prince Charming \\ Candle Review

Hello Book Ravens!

I have another review for you today! It’s not a book review (*awkward cough*) but it’s been a hot second since I did a candle review, and I figured now was a good time. 334 more words


Early Spring Bloom: Yankee Candle

For those of you who don’t know, in my non-candle blogging time, I am a research scientist. One of my current projects is looking at native plant phenology – that’s the timing of life cycle events such as the first bloom. 235 more words