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Septon on candor and ...

candor may be
at times
even bluntness

yes that may
be true and correct
boorishness, buffoonery,
ruffianism, bellicosity
are all out of line!

13 feb 2018

BMM Photopoetry

A Tale of Victory – Read This and Learn

I enjoy winning, but hate losing more.  My last post was tough to write, as no one likes to talk about their failures.  However, analyzing your losses and wins are good ways to keep your focus on the fundamentals.  664 more words


Jane Austen Faith Word: Candour, and Jane Bennet

“But to be candid . . . —to take the good of everybody’s character and make it still better, and say nothing of the bad—belongs to you alone.”—Elizabeth Bennet to her sister Jane in Jane Austen’s… 1,409 more words

Jane Austen


via Daily Prompt: Candid

Really, is that what you think?

Frankly, I need you to be completely candid with me.

Can you do that? 7 more words

Daily Prompt

Quieted Candor

I see it in your eyes

That expectant horror of what I might say

Searching for meaningless words to mutter

Should I be candid and straightforward 141 more words

Writing Prompts

Chasing My Tomorrow: A Book Review by A Fellow Survivor

The novel, written by K. Zuba, is one-hundred and thirteen pages filled with relatable anecdotes, personal insight, and wise interpersonal growth that can only stem from being dealt a harsh reality that follows a cancer diagnosis. 632 more words