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1 : unreserved, honest, or sincere expression : forthrightness

2 : freedom from prejudice or malice : fairness

3 a (literary) : brightness, brilliance… 16 more words


TheDailyQuota, #Quota44

I would call lack of candor the biggest dirty little secret in business. What a huge problem it is. Lack of candor basically blocks smart ideas, fast action, and good people contributing all the stuff they’ve got.

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Clandestine: (adj) done secretively

Although clandestine can refer to any practice or situation we may attempt to hide, normally it harkens to romance or sexuality. 208 more words

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And with the candidness of your shinning heart ,you opened your arms to me in a smooth,  arcane way of thousands mysteries …then, we merged into our history of endless flames of passion.

The candidness of your heart 


MIT Bootcamp: A Journey of Discovery and Pushing the Limits (Part 1 - The Program)

“Think of the past week that was, and then think of what you’re gonna do next week.”

Those were the parting words of one of our MIT Bootcamp mentors. 1,780 more words

MIT Bootcamp