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Feast of Saint Isaac Jogues (19 October 2016)

There are two sayings that we have in English that are appropriate for our meditation today. One is that someone is “full of hot air.” The other is that someone is “puffed up with pride.” I speak of these today because in the gospel for today’s Mass, Our Lord warns us of “the leaven—that is, the hypocrisy—of the Pharisees.” The Pharisees were a group of the Jewish people of that time, both a religious and a political group who advocated the exact observance of the law of Moses. 441 more words

Daily Messages


I  can  do  candor

My favorite secret

Reads & takes stock

On a Miami-lime rocker

Far, on a Vermont autumnal

Calendar’s glossy next month’s

Promissy   21 more words


Thank you, Kid Cudi

This past week, Kid Cudi made an announcement about his choice to enter rehabilitation for his experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts.  As one of his fans, I’m not only proud of him for his choice to seek help but for also stirring some important conversations here in the black community; more specifically, among black men. 293 more words


Wild Silence 

An impromptu trip, decided whilst on the phone,

Just the two of us, away from the grimy city,

Travelling in a train, and then in a bus, 160 more words


Sorting Hat Sunday: Divergent Factions

Divergent is probably the most complicated Sorting Hat Saturday I’ve ever done, because it comes with its own factions that both resemble the Hogwarts houses and work in completely different ways from them. 294 more words

Hogwarts Houses


She’s got a gun
An instrument of utmost fun
Shoot him, spray her
A taste of metal on the tongue, so bitter

She’s getting revenge… 102 more words

Original Works

My Superpowers

Today I had the privilege of attending a leadership seminar hosted by Kim Armstrong, Deputy Minister of Alberta Status of Women, and while I normally work fairly hard to keep my online UpAndBelow life separate from my 9-5 professional life I really feel inspired to share what I learned. 407 more words