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Oh, My God

September 9, 2017

I must be going crazy. I should give it a week, right? Before I make any drastic decisions? Before I confess anything to myself? 629 more words



September 8, 2017

I’ve known you, quite literally, all my life since we were born, yet I still feel like I hardly know you at all; I’m still learning more about you, 20 years later. 225 more words


Those Jokes (Part 2)

Part Two

Time passed and I couldn’t handle the way I felt.
I couldn’t see him joke about my people, it made me melt.
I didn’t care if he said sorry a million times… 97 more words


One day you will speak your mind.
It will hurt some, but give it time.
Silence will keep you enslaved
While the truth in your heart is engraved… 7 more words

Sunday Snark

I was cleaning up, going through old papers, when I found this email that had been sent to me:

You can get in a lot of trouble saying simple (true) things in such a way as they cannot be misunderstood.  21 more words

Axiom # 2,017,0817

“These days candor is of high value. But, candor without consideration and thoughtfulness is useless, however charming it might appear.”_Thus spoke Ghostnutstra_8_17_17 9 more words



There is something in my brain that keeps telling me that I’m still a wee lost, scared boy. I cannot rid myself of it. I see the world & everyone in it from the view point of a fearful young man. 25 more words