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When You're Not Your Valentine's Only Valentine

I used to look forward to Valentine’s Day. That all changed the day I found out I wasn’t my Valentine’s only Valentine. Sure, if we were in grade school and it was brought to my attention that my crush had given… 1,600 more words



by Iman Elnour

Please excuse my honesty, or should I call it blasphemy? You carry yourself in a way that’s almost unholy, my eyes burn just from looking at you, you’re a hell of a man..or hell in a man..I’m not sure anymore. 390 more words


A Technological Lunch

Everyday at work when the lunch hour comes around, I go through the same routine. First, I grab my phone and dirty dishes from the day before, then I grab my lunch and make my way down the hall to the conference room with the sink and microwave. 424 more words


My 2014 Movies: Divergent (#16)

It’s been three years since the Harry Potter and Twilight movie series, two of the most profitable film franchises of all-time, ended. Ever since then, the search was on to find the next big movie franchise based on a book. 798 more words