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This girl is on fire.

Liar, Liar pants on fire. Do you ever lie to yourself? Out of expectation? Out of approval? Out of justification? I officially can not continue this pattern. 985 more words

Susceptible Sacrifice of Love


she said,

“There is a compromising position in love.

One in which there are conditions.


it is a little rough around the edges. 95 more words


“In our old AdSense All Hands meetings, we’d ask people to stand up and talk about a mistake they had made over the last week…

39 more words

How to Love Annual Performance Reviews

What? You don’t love annual reviews?

It’s OK. You’re not alone. If you think they suck at your company, you’re probably right. They suck at most companies… 653 more words



(by Pam Bachorz)

This is one of those books that just hits me right in the feels. And, truthfully, it bugs me that the novel doesn’t have a higher average rating. 757 more words