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Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Dream

Like chocolate? Peanut butter? Oreos? Cool whip? Who doesn’t?!? This Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Dream is a celebration of all things delicious! Better gather some friends to share, because this is one dreamy dessert you won’t be able to eat all on your own. 1,104 more words


Blood Orange Marshmallows

I love marshmallows! I have been tossing around a bunch of new recipes to make, and finally, Paul and I went to the grocery store on Friday. 337 more words


Patchi Chocolate

My parents recently came back from vacation and brought me back Patchi chocolates.

This box were thin dark mint chocolates. The mint was subtle and didn’t overpower each bite. 16 more words


Iris Cookies & Cream

I’m in love with Cookies & Cream flavoured cake, desserts, ice cream, candies you name it! I saw this mysterious little package at the Korean grocery store and didn’t quite know what it is but I bought it anyway. 41 more words


Granola Brownies

When I was growing up, I used to experiment in the kitchen. I experimented everywhere really, now that I think of it. I would pull things apart (old telephones and radios and such) and put them back together just to see how they worked. 876 more words


Kiss Sucker for Valentine's Day

Give your Valentine a lip sucker this year.  The candy mold can be found at local craft stores or online.  These are great for co-workers or to put on a special cake.