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I was going to McCaffrey’s again. It’s the anchor supermarket in the Princeton Shopping Center. To keep afloat with a Whole Foods in the neighborhood, McCaffrey’s gives a token nod to contemporary concepts like organic (two shelves in the produce section), some eggs from cage-free chickens (but not from pasture-raised ones) and some meat from animals raised without antibiotics (but not from grass-fed ones). 339 more words

Getting Old


Recipe courtesy of Victory Postcards and Souvenirs

A brand new football season is right around the corner.  In honor of our beloved Ohio State, the reigning… 277 more words


Desserts of my dreams: butter toffee

I have been afraid of candy making forever. Literally, for dang ever. However, I love toffee and caramel, and they’re among the few of my most beloved desserts that I can have unchanged from their original form. 336 more words

A Few Of My Favorite Things

You don't need York to find yourself on a Mountain top- Better Than Store Bought Peppermint Patties

You don’t need York to find yourself on a mountain top……

I have to admit that peppermint patties are by far one of my favorite candies of all time and I started thinking about how easy they would be to make! 884 more words


Chocolate Coated Thin Oreo Cookies

These are great without chocolate but put them in a cookie mold and covered by chocolate and they are fantastic!!


#1 Marathon Bar

The Mars Candy Company introduced the world to the Marathon Bar in 1973. The treat consisted of chewy caramel, braided to resemble a long pretzel, which was then dipped in a luxurious layer of milk chocolate. 64 more words