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Cookies and Cream S'mores

Can we talk about camping for a minute? Have you guys ever gone? I haven’t. It just never appealed to me. Sitting out in a tent waiting for some animal to come and attack me is enough to send my anxiety over the edge. 278 more words


S'mores Truffles

My dear readers! It has been almost a month since my last post! I am terribly sorry! After Paul’s birthday, I kept meaning to bake something, and write a blog post, but life kept getting in the way. 683 more words


Sugar and spice, and all things nice

More to the point, candy and lollipops.

It’s an obsession, which was reawakened by my recent throat lozenge experiment. I have one back molar that is now half the tooth it used to be, from the first batch I totally nailed. 677 more words


Spring Cooking

We are spoiled living in Florida – even though it’s north Florida. And in the late winter, which for us is, um.  –  just spring. It hasn’t been all that many weeks ago and the Florida strawberries came in – they were beautiful, perfect, in fact, amazingly cheap. 159 more words


Everything Is Sweeter with Family

On the hunt for the next Farmers Market Finds, we came upon one of our most favorite things….CHOCOLATE! This is always a score when you hitting the markets, since most vendors provide our second favorite thing….SAMPLES!   543 more words

Under $25

#Memory #Blossom #3: #Baltimore Burning

Memory Blossom # 3: Baltimore Burns

I came down the stairs of the row house that I lived in, in Baltimore. I was excited. I had a nickel, and at Sal’s corner store that meant that I could get 10 cookies and/or 10 pieces of candy: Mary Janes, hot balls, sugar daddies, ginger snaps, you name it. 302 more words


Ever wonder what candy you would be? Take the quiz and after going through the elaborate candy choosing process you will find...your spirit candy.

Here is a place where all people and candy are put on level ground. It is our responsibility to find your spirit candy in the most accurate way conceivably possible. 38 more words