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Candy Cabs Series 1 Ratings

The first series of Candy Cabs finished on Tuesday night. Here are the ratings for each episode showing how each of the three of them performed… 70 more words

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Candy Cabs Series 1 Episode 3 Review

So it ends. The show that has exhibited more fake estrogen than Katie Price when she’s in heat.. or in Heat has finished with an episode that was bad enough to make me think I was being choked with something pink. 552 more words


Couch Potato weekly column - Friday, 15 April

A hat-trick of awards for OK! TV’s Matt Johnson.
TV lie of the week: “We’ve got a real treat for you now. We’ve been backstage on the Dancing on Ice tour.” 1,468 more words

Candy Cabs Series 1 Episode 2 Review

More personal drama featuring the shows main characters and less attempts at being funny. That’s what I thought the show needed to drive it forward in this second episode. 334 more words


System upgrade and recharge.

This week has been a fairly quiet week for me.

This week has mainly consisted of work, which has been quite busy but hampered a little with computer system upgrades. 696 more words

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Couch Potato weekly column, Saturday, 9 April

Two TV mysteries. Why is Daybreak so far behind BBC Breakfast in the viewing figures?
And why was Christine Bleakley accompanying Right Said Fred, on the kazoo, to Deeply Dippy on Thursday? 1,343 more words

Candy Cabs - not quite a carry on

Candy Cabs is a new TV comedy from production company Splash Media and the first episode aired Tuesday April 5 on BBC 1.

The premise is the establishment of a new taxi business Candy Cabs, set in a fictional North of England town, South Hadley.   489 more words