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Re: Raisins, The Ultimate Lie

A brief note on your overzealous pacing plans:

  • Your friend is crazy.
  • Do you realize you’re going to be running just 1.2 miles less than a full marathon?
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Candy Corn Cookie Bark

Looking for a tasty Halloween snack?  This takes less than 10 minutes to make and this sweet, salty treat really hits the spot!  The bright festive colors make it a great Halloween giveaway!   175 more words

Candy Corn

Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats

Rice Krispies are a household favorite around here.  And topping it with candy and chocolate?  Who can say no to that?  No one in my house apparently! 209 more words

Re: Re: To the death

I’m not sure if you were making a pun on my post subject or if you actually found it so funny you are now borderline deceased… I say borderline because we both know we’ll have to die freakish deaths directly related to our sugar addictions- i just hope i go in a pixie stix or cotton candy fueled carnival accident rather than the more likely alternative of morbid obesity. 25 more words


Smashing eggs

I wonder if it’s possible to run out of words. That is a bit how I am feeling these days, although it could be the _______ (fill in the blank) weather/ state of affairs/ lack of sleep. 467 more words


Candy Corn Toy

My candy corn stuffed toy must travel with us on tour.