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It's a Pattern

Whenever an app has an update, the game becomes easier to overcome. Like when I was stuck at Level 914 of Candy Crush not too long ago, it took an an app update to make level easier and soon, I was zipping through the levels. 62 more words


In which I admit I am a slug...

So, I’ve been saying to anyone who will listen to me lately that if I’m not eating, sleeping or working, there’s just not a lot going on. 652 more words


Seriously, Android?

So I updated to the new android update, Lollipop, sometime end of last year for my LG G3 and my heart bled for 6 months and counting. 754 more words

Daily Life

It's all fun and games, until...

“That game you’ve been playing – is it Candy Crush?” my husband asked.

“Not exactly…This is Yes Chef…” I answered.

“It has vegetables and healthy foods instead of candy!” my daughter helpfully explained. 748 more words

Christian Practice

...the talk.

“What’s wrong? “ You feel like asking her but you are afraid she will answer “nothing” then continue to read her book. This week you have been coming home early and you intend to keep this up. 598 more words


Busy as a bee!

Apparently, posting here that I am addicted to spent a lot of time playing Candy Crush instead of actually making soap & dishcloths was motivating :)  Yesterday, I made not one, not two, but THREE batches of soap! 494 more words


Stardom "Golden Week Stars Night One"

Stardom “Golden Week Stars Night One”

3 May 2015

Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

285 fans

In the biggest week of wrestling in the Japanese calendar, Stardom has offered a two-night show,  1,951 more words

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