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| WORD SPLURGE: Distractions & Hamsters|

I’m weak.

In the past 24 hours, I have spent majority of my pastime involving myself with an absolutely addicting app about ‘amsters (not sorry, I just had to overuse it with alliterations). 307 more words


"Candy Crush" 8/13

Lokki “Savage” E’Kaika & Keith “Mermaid King” James (San Diego)
Stacy Ann Connerley & Chris Ferris (toilet paper makers in Lewiston, ID & Clarkson, WA) 106 more words

"Candy Crush"

Don't do that, then

There are certain classes of bug — or at least unexpected behaviour —¬†which are so buried in layers of how-did-you-even-get-there that I wouldn’t even begin to think about reporting them, but which still manage to irritate me. 309 more words



I was up and about unusually early this morning. I felt I had a lot of preparation to do this morning ready for the movers to pack my life into boxes. 338 more words

Random Thoughts

The Emoji Movie

Mild spoilers ahead, if that matters for a movie like this.

Movie Pass is a double-edged sword; more often than not, you find yourself in spot where you’re forced to see a movie so that you can get your money’s worth. 819 more words

Movie Review

The social addiction

I was watching a Dan Heath video on change the other day and he was talking about how some changes we don’t resist. For example, technology, where he showed a photo of teenagers on their phones and them extrapolated that to their parents also doing the same thing. 489 more words

"Candy Crush" 8/6

Britny Lissette & Tiffany Latrell Alexander (twins from BNX & Buffalo, NY)
Layla & Stephen Cushman (married in Louisville, OH)
Bryce Cole & Lori Ellis Bowering (mom/son in Winona, MS) 87 more words

"Candy Crush"