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Another PSA

And now, another Public Service Announcement from your friendly neighborhood pop-off….

-There are 133 loooong days left until elk season.
-The average person spends $5,400 at McDonald’s in their lifetime. 250 more words


Went to Yoga But Not Services

Tired and sleepy but did make it to yoga at 7:30 – it’s such a great way to start the day. i find myself wanting to go more often but at least in the next few weeks i doubt I will be able to make that happen – just too much going on. 97 more words

#MeanwhileInSouthernCalifornia: Dude Gets Hand Surgery Thanks To Candy Crush Addiction

By Nadia Noir

Remember when you actually had to move your body to get an a “workout” injury? Now, even sliding your fingers across a screen while you move brightly-colored objects is dangerous to your body and health. 101 more words


Se Rompe El Tendón Por Jugar Al Candy Crush

Un gamer en San Diego se rompió el tendón en su pulgar izquierdo por jugar tanto al ‘Candy Crush’.

Según reporta Good Morning America, el hombre de 29 años, tuvo que tener una cirugía por jugar el juego. 31 more words


Man ruptures thumb tendon playing ‘Candy Crush’ for days on end

TORONTO – A California man ruptured a tendon in his thumb after playing smartphone game Candy Crush non-stop for over a month.

According to a case study in the… 186 more words


The Curse of King

The knowledge that games by King are available to plat play on Facebook is just common knowledge now.  And once again I have been sucked into it’s… 300 more words

Addict Irl

Candy Crush Saga and The Secrets to Success in the Mobile Market

When I took Critical Media Studies last semester, I was the only person in the class to dedicate my final paper to video game. The term “video game” is so associated with big budget, mainstream, and time-consuming products that most people would try to distance themselves from the word “gamers.” The world of video games, of course, is a lot more complex than one installment of… 979 more words

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