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Two Dots

Two Dots strings the player along in free to play fashion. Connect the dots, combo color pairings, advance to the next level. Clean aesthetics and simple controls act as delightful seat warmers. 176 more words


Yes, Progress!

The three-day weekend proved to be fruitful. I met up with old school friends; I finally put up the red cloth in front of the house entrance to usher in the Lunar New Year and I made tremendous progress in my virtual games. 74 more words


Awkwardness -5

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The nonchalance, the seething coldness in Nina’s father’s demeanor could perhaps be attributed to the ingrained societal norms of Indian men not freely interacting with women.  990 more words


It Killed Humanity

I, Nathaniel Isaiah Brooks, being the only person on the planet left alive, leave this note as my will and testament to how stupid we all were. 180 more words

Flash Fiction

Interview: Alfie Bown on Candy Crush and Capitalism's Injunction to Enjoy - Epistemic Unruliness 7

In this episode, James talks with Dr. Alfie Bown about his book Enjoying It: Candy Crush and Capitalism. The conversation delves into the sticky relationship between enjoyment and 21st century global capitalism, and ranges from touching on your favorite mobile phone games to “Gangnam Style,” what a Department of Enjoyment Studies might look like, and the commodity fetishism that ironically attaches itself to some radical critical theorists. 96 more words


I Could Get Used to This

It was another three-day weekend (the first being the New Year stretch) as yesterday was a replacement holiday for Thaipusam which was celebrated on Sunday. But going somewhere is just not viable especially when it is only two weeks away to Chinese New Year. 162 more words


My First Act as President

Anyone who bugs their friends

With too many Candy Crush requests

Will be burned at the stake Salem-style

And it will air on national TV… 13 more words