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Michael Cowan and the Refuge

“the limosine is ready.” says mina to Michael as he joins her at the magical entrance. she had to run. they didn’t know how the killer had murdered their parents but she wouldn’t let that happen to Bill her twin or herself. 499 more words

Michael Cowan and the Halloween Gala

Well hay as the most famous wizard in the wizarding world why not dress like a king for Halloween. Shayna dressed like a queen but both Mina and Bill Ragady Anne and Andy. 200 more words

Michael Cowan and Professor Maddow

“Well I don’t know.” says Michael as Professor Maddow asked what a mughni was.

“A Mughni class is someone who enriches others.”

“You mean muggle mrs Maddow. 286 more words

Candy Ross

Michael Cowan and Magic School

the kids are all dressed in traditional wizarding dress with robes of black. They are using spells the teachers are teaching them but some of them aren’t very good yet. 189 more words

Candy Ross

Michael Cowan and the Twins

  Sorry about the spiders and snakes.” says Bill to Wuzzy Mughni junior. 

   The zoo was an excellent place to display magic for the first time. you get a big thank you as you let loose the snakes from their cages. 750 more words

Request to Gabriel for help

well hay Gabriel i’d love to have seven chapters written today. I have been invoking the angels but you weren’t responding. well hay if you can help just raise body count chapters and make me the most famous author in all the world. 50 more words


well hay Wellington we have been invoking the angels to help us with our novel. we tried Michael Raphael, Gabriel, and uriel but we haven’t had a raise in body count yet. 24 more words