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Candy Shop Chapter 22

Chapter 22

As far as sleeping in a recliner goes, this one in particular had to be on the level of a Hilton hotel. Or maybe I was just exhausted, either way I slept so well that I awoke with a bit of pep in my step. 5,481 more words


The Ikea Candy Shop Phenomenon

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I work at a local public health agency, and we are often having discussions about the importance of creating a healthy environment for our communities – including the community that is comprised of our own employees. 829 more words

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A Co-Ed Baby Shower

Aaron and I were invited to a baby shower over the last weekend. As most of you already know, traditionally, baby showers are usually only female. 706 more words

Jonathan L Ferrara

Best Sweet-shops in Paris

You know a country is serious about its candy when it has a national union of sweetshops and a dedicated annual Day of Guilty Pleasures (the Journée des petits plaisirs, every October). 716 more words

Candy Shop

Ode to Summer

She sat on a bench outside a quirky little candy store. Her thrift shop sunglasses, slightly crooked on her face, sucking on a juicy raspberry lollipop, her auburn hair blowing in and out of her sticky mouth. 123 more words

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Candy Shop Chapter 20

Chapter 20

The next few days showed me a different side of Dywane Washington. The ever so confident EMT that was brave enough to rush into a club filled with armed thugs was worried. 4,413 more words


Day 73

Group projects with your friends are always a bad idea because the Stats project I was working on with Blair and KG quickly turned into a dance routine to “Candy Shop.” Of course this morning we hyped up our presentation, made sure to go last, and then the song DIDN’T PLAY so we just stood there and presented our slideshow which really had little to no (zero) math in it. 500 more words