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Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer + GIVEAWAY

Since having my daughter, one of my biggest concerns has been food safety. I’m always making sure that what she’s eating is cooked properly and there are no under cooked pieces. 453 more words

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salted maple and molasses walnut brittle

Christmas is officially (almost) upon us, and I frankly couldn’t be more stressed.

I’m going to take a second here to be totally honest with you. 993 more words


Apple Cider Caramels

The Honey Jack Salted Caramels that I made for gifts and holiday treats last year were very popular with family and friends. So popular, that I have vowed to make caramels every year while trying new recipes to see if I can find ‘the one’. 523 more words


The @HFXFoodBloggers create something sweet for #DoughBall 2014

If you were one of the lucky folks who snagged a ticket to The Coast’s inaugural Dough Ball (basically a giant bake sale, where you pay admission and get to try all the sweet samples!), you likely had quite the sugar high on Saturday afternoon. 405 more words

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Cooking with my iPhone: A review of Supermechanical’s Range thermometers

I love to cook. My ideal vacation isn’t a trip to the beach or trek to a national park. I spend my off time with my butcher or fishmonger asking for strange cuts of meat or exotic sea creatures before roasting, smoking and curing them in my kitchen or backyard. 1,127 more words

DIY Thursdays: How to Perfect Caramel

As human beings we have a tendency to over complicate things and somehow, down the lane these things get the reputation of being difficult. One of these seemingly difficult things is attaining, a beautiful, deep auburn caramel of course. 349 more words

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DIY Thursday: Let's Temper some Dark Chocolate

The word “tempering” throws many people off and rightly so. That too in noncommercial kitchen setups (Indian homes) were humidity is at its peak, tempering chocolate can be even more daunting. 504 more words