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1035. Uncle Kemp

Today in Australia and New Zealand it is ANZAC Day. ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps and is on the anniversary of the greatest defeat at Gallipoli during WWI. 203 more words


Skittles: Green

These used to be lime, but they’re green apple now. Alone among everyone I know, I’m okay with this. Green apple is one of my favorite fake flavors and a lime Skittle is just a lemon Skittle that lacks the courage of its convictions. 32 more words


Confessions of a Sugar Addict

Does everyone still have all their feet? Have you fully recovered from sugar overload? Is there any candy left in the stores?

It’s been a quiet week. 239 more words


Mars Cupcakes

Mars bars are pretty under rated I think. Whenever someone craves a chocolate bar, they usually tend to gravitate towards Snickers or Twix or Bounty and let’s not forget Galaxy bars ;) but you know what’s funny is that Mars bars are actually the very first, original chocolate bar that the company MARS created :) it’s like the predecessor has been forgotten with all these newer chocolate bars but I must say that once you get into eating a Mars bar, they’re quite addictive 😄 389 more words