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Red Vines

My first memory of Red Vines was at a swimming pool.

Today any time I have a Red Vine I think of pools and rain. 205 more words


Simple Ooey Goey Popcorn Cake

It’s Saturday and for you hopefully, it is down time for fun things like cooking! I will be attending a potluck later today and I thought to bring something uber decadent. 272 more words


Chocolate Bunny

This candy mold is from KitchenKraft.com.  It comes in two pieces and makes for a great table decoration.


Haribo Comes to America

Without doubt, one of my families favorite treats.

So with the announcement this week that Haribo would be opening a factory in the Unted States, its a good time to review the history of the company with some fun-facts: 177 more words


Product Profile: Jellybean Lip Balm

No Easter candy-themed line would be complete without the quintessential Easter candy: sweet and chewy jelly beans. 248 more words


Five Steps to Creating A Daily Writing Routine

The best piece of advice that has ever been given to a writer is simple.


Write all the time.

Write every day.

The only problem with that is, as a whole, writers really want to skip this part. 548 more words


Americans love Haribo so much that it's going to start making gummy bears in the US

One of the world’s preeminent purveyors of the gummy bears is set to open its first factory in the US, a bid to get more Americans eating Haribo. 252 more words