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KILLIMANJARO @ Canecas Fest, 2016/04/24

Last band of the last day – and what a finale. One always expects the biggest riots in metal gigs, but then comes KILLIMANJARO and your opinion changes: heavy rock can get pretty raw as well. 54 more words


CATACOMBE @ Canecas Fest, 2016/04/24

In a more post-rock approach, CATACOMBE stormed the stage and enthralled the crowd in a heavy, dark embrace. A very emotional gig, as only this kind of good band can do.



THE BLACK WIZARDS @ Canecas Fest, 2016/04/24

Third and last day of Canecas Fest, and once again I missed the first band, THE BLACK ZEBRA – who apparently were the big surprise of the festival. 58 more words


STONE DEAD @ Canecas Fest, 2016/04/23

STONE DEAD‘s sound is fuzzier, brisker. Excellent stage presence too. Singer João Branco drank throughout the gig and wasn’t exactly sober towards the end, making him introduce the last song three times – and I’m still not sure if he got the right title.   43 more words


ASTRODOME @ Canecas Fest, 2016/04/23

Both days of the rest of the festival were a treat for stoner/psychedelic rock lovers. First band was ASIMOV, which I missed because the friends I rode along with don’t have a close relationship with schedules… So when we arrived, … 55 more words