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Quadrilha de Sádicos (The Hills Have Eyes) - 1977

Uma família é atacada por um grupo de sociopatas, durante uma viagem para Los Angeles.

Wes Craven sempre foi um cara de grande influência. Eu Sei o Que Vocês Fizeram no Verão Passado e Lenda Urbana não existiriam sem Pânico. 830 more words


"Heart eater" sentenced to 18 years in prison

Convicted killer and alleged
“heart-eater” Andrew Chimboza was
sentenced to 18 years in prison by the
Western Cape High Court on Wednesday.
“I am of the view that a sentence of 18… 257 more words

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Colecionadora de Ossos

— Olá

— Olá

— Canibal?

— Sim. E você?

— Só às sextas de manhã

— Por que na sexta de manhã? Quintas à noite são melhores para o canibalismo, dizem especialistas… 140 more words


DVD Review: Canibal (2013, dir. Manuel Martín Cuenca)

The most unsettling part of any horror film are those scenes when nothing much is happening onscreen. It’s already been established that terrible things are going to take place; it’s the waiting for them to occur that really sends the cold chill up the spine. 504 more words

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6th Installment of Obeah This Sunday

Well, well, rescued from a damning fate by the very people he was running from. Oh henry, what is in store for you now, are you going to be punished for the escape attempt?  23 more words


Lagoon's new roller coaster is out for blood, Cannibal coming soon

FARMINGTON, Utah — Lagoon’s new mystery ride is out for blood; “Cannibal” is coming soon to an amusement park near you.

The massive construction project has been taking shape in the north end of the park in Farmington. 132 more words


Jan O.

Name: Jan O.

Born – 1985 / Died – ****
Number of victims: 2

Also known as “the cannibal killer”, Jan O. of Germany confessed to eating the flesh and drinking the blood of his victims. 134 more words