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Speaking of Superfoods...

Kelp. It does a body good.

When I altered the fruit: veggie ratio in the Pugs’ breakfast smoothies, one of the new additions was Kelp. 402 more words

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Why all the hype on Tripe?

When I first arrived in Paris as a student some 25 years ago, early wisdom taught me to carefully regard restaurant menus for such horrendous French culinary “delicacies” as shortbreads and tripe. 580 more words

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Switching To Raw Feeding Is Super Simple

   Hi there, just thought I would share my human’s raw food recipe with you. So many dogs are always asking me, “How come you smell so good?” or “Why you so peppy when you a time fighta?” or “Can I come live with you?”, things like that. 447 more words

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In our quest to reduce sugar, and thereby reduce yeast and trim the waistline, I worked on a few smoothie options that contained more veg and less fruit. 488 more words

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Today's Musing - Dental Health

Why, oh why, do I have to have my teeth cleaned when I chew on my beloved cow toes so much? Granted, I don’t chew on them like used to when I was a wee lad, but you’d think gnawing would scrape off the tartar. 61 more words

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Caring For Our Pets In the Summer


Well, the weather has just started to heat up!  The majority of animals seem to be pleased with the drier, more sunny weather as generally seem more relaxed and can be seen in their fields or gardens dozing in the sun. 212 more words


Weigh In On This

It is a fact that many pet dogs (more than 50 percent by several accounts) are overweight. I reviewed the current statistics regarding canine waistlines in an earlier blog, “ 779 more words