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What's the big deal about avocados?

It was not long ago that I completely flipped out on somebody for feeding a dog guacamole.


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Shawty got l'eau

Fresh, clean water is crucial to good health, right? Everybody knows that you can survive much longer without food than you can without water. Same is true for our four-legged companions. 469 more words

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How the NYC Parks Dept is Slowly Poisoning Our Dogs

Prince and I are avid walkers in the NYC parks. However, it has come to our attention that the NYC parks department has not lived up to their “Sustainability” promise as per their… 570 more words


Bathing Your Dog 101

Dogs get dirty, just like people do . . . well, perhaps not exactly . . . humans don’t tend to enjoy finding smelly stuff to roll in nor do we like to run through muddy, wet fields with no shoes on. 1,151 more words


Feeding the Best

I have been getting quite a few emails about what I am feeding my dogs and some people asking for ideas on what they can add to their dog’s food for variety in their meals. 459 more words

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Second Dog Dies After Suspected Antifreeze Poisoning

A nine-year-old staffordshire bull terrier is thought to have become the second victim of antifreeze poisoning after dying shortly after a daily dog walk in Ruislip February. 165 more words

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Beef & Veggies

More shopping tips:

Buy beef stew meat. It’s the cheapest non-ground cut of meat in the packaged beef section of the grocery store.

I do not feed my dogs raw ground beef, primarily because it’s fatty, and also because most of the time, ground beef is not certified as grass-feed, hormone/antibiotic-free. 140 more words

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