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My... what big teeth you have!! National Dog Bite Prevention Week

This week (May 17-23rd, 2015) is National Dog Bite Prevention Week; a week created to educate people on canine behaviour, how to interact with them, and as awful as it sounds… how to teach people not to get bit. 491 more words

Canine Socialization, Behaviour, And Environmental Enrichment

Dog Nail Care - Why is it a Battle?

I was terribly saddened to read a story recently about a dog who had gone in for a nail trim and been so panicked that, while multiple groomers tried to restrain him, he vomited and asphyxiated.   375 more words


Where's that little green vomit emoji when you need it?

Bet you thought I quit again. Nope! Just been super busy.

Raw Roundup 2015 has changed us. My biggest take-away so far comes from noted Australian veterinary surgeon, Dr. 709 more words

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Seresto Dog Collar

Spring has sprung! That means more hiking outdoors with our furry pals. Also, means tick season. I recently discovered a new form of tick/mosquito/flea prevention: Seresto dog collar.  144 more words

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Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV): Time is of the essence.

It’s Saturday night, you just got home from running errands for the week. Your Great Dane is two years old and just got done gobbling up his food. 744 more words

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Raw Roundup 2015!

Y’all, I am so excited to be attending the Raw Roundup 2015 this weekend!

It is sponsored by Dogs Naturally Magazine, and is tonight through Sunday, all from the comfort of my home office. 133 more words

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Spring Time Means Shedding Time!!! Groom Away Those Wintery Thoughts!

Spring is upon us!!  For many of us in Canada it still means a month more snow, but for many parts of North America, we are well on our way!  807 more words

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