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Winning the War on Fleas

You may recall the early terror attacks by pre-season fleas that I battled in the Spring.

Like a dog with a bone, I have been determined to find a healthy, effective solution. 449 more words

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The Herbal Corner - Dandelion

Hi Everyone!

This is a new series that I will be posting information about various herbs that I use with my dogs as part of their daily diet as well as herbs that I use only for trialing. 271 more words

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Gobble, Gobble!

Y’all. Answers Pet Food, one of my go-to’s for my prepared raw rotation, has developed a new flavor.


Check it out here!

We are so excited to try it, but it hasn’t arrived in Alabama yet. 312 more words

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Speaking of Superfoods...

Kelp. It does a body good.

When I altered the fruit: veggie ratio in the Pugs’ breakfast smoothies, one of the new additions was Kelp. 402 more words

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Why all the hype on Tripe?

When I first arrived in Paris as a student some 25 years ago, early wisdom taught me to carefully regard restaurant menus for such horrendous French culinary “delicacies” as shortbreads and tripe. 580 more words

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Switching To Raw Feeding Is Super Simple

   Hi there, just thought I would share my human’s raw food recipe with you. So many dogs are always asking me, “How come you smell so good?” or “Why you so peppy when you a time fighta?” or “Can I come live with you?”, things like that. 447 more words

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In our quest to reduce sugar, and thereby reduce yeast and trim the waistline, I worked on a few smoothie options that contained more veg and less fruit. 488 more words

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