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Seeing Red

2016 has started off fast! I’ve not had time to blog, and just discovered a stack of posts half-drafted that are waiting for my attention. 498 more words


Canine Health Update 

My lovely friends have decided to give Canine Health a try for their precious doggies !

This is Riley. Riley, in the words of his owner, is a very high strung Jack Russell mix. 149 more words


APF Pro and the reasons I love it!

I have been using Advanced Protection Formula (APF Pro) from Auburn Labs for quite some time, I have always really liked it and through the years, I have used it on and off. 574 more words


Canine Flu! What To Do?

If you haven’t noticed, there seems to be a rash of dog flu going around. Suddenly, viruses which were once assigned to horses and birds are mutating into various strains of “canine influenza”. 594 more words

Canine Care

Oaty doggy treats recipe

I’ve been using a recipe I found online for doggy biscuits, that Cesar Milan had posted, but I’ve been wanting to incorporate coconut oil into them because it’s so good for them – so today we just went for it. 431 more words

Pain always affects behaviour

By Sindhoor Pangal, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Dec 15, 2015, 04.00 AM IST

I am not a dog trainer. I am a dog behaviour consultant. What that means is that I look at a dog’s behaviour, try to understand what is causing that behaviour and address the problem at its root. 559 more words

Pet Puja

Feeding Homemade Dog Food with Kibble by Amanda Nelson

Dog food can be expensive and confusing, with so many choices between commercial foods or choosing to make your own, the options to feed your dog are endless. 864 more words