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Shay Fields 'Built On Preparation'

With the NFL draft only a week away, excitement for the draft among fans and prospects is being kicked into high gear. NFL draft prospect Shay Fields not only prides himself on his high level of conditioning but also having the nutrition of a professional athlete. 16 more words

Nfl Draft

Training Tuesday: April​ 17, 2018

The theme for this week’s training plan is “When the ice melts.” Mother Nature dropped a few centimeters of slush on us last week, which is now frozen solid. 280 more words

German Shepherd Dog

Milo and my tips for a successful trip to the veterinarian

Patricia McConnell’s post encouraging us to thank the veterinarians in our lives coincided with Milo the AwesomeDog’s and Hoss the Cat‘s annual check-up.

I’ve taken McConnell’s advice on many things, and in the spirit of that tradition, I want to give… 495 more words

German Shepherd Dog

Genetic testing shows greater number of dogs have diseases then previously thought

Dr. Jonas Donner of Genoscoper Labratories, a Finnish company that specializes in animal genetics and testing has found that about 1 in 6 dogs carry the genetic predisposition for genetic disorders. 177 more words


Top 5 Eat Clean Foods For Dogs

Though I’m not dog dietitian, these are five foods that have made an amazing impact in the quality of Stella’s life, reducing the magnitude of her arthritis pain, and greatly improving her energy level. 557 more words

Eat Clean

Kelp - (Ascophyllum Nodosum) & it's Canine Benefits

Kelp is an algae seaweed. There are about 30 different genera. Kelp grows in ‘underwater forests’ in shallow oceans and is thought to have appeared 5 million years ago. 382 more words

Spaying & Neutering: Ultimate Key To Wonderful Benefits

If there is something I do not regret to have done regarding my dog, is to neuter him. I find it bizarre to hear some people condemn breeders and their clients and lecture others on how many dogs are unwanted in crowded shelters, all while owning a full dog. 941 more words