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“Borrowed: Slave On Loan” is the latest Miranda Birch femdom fantasy.

Having been acquired by a secret organisation and sold as a slave to a very dominant and demanding woman, Jack Hawkins is in no doubt that he has reached rock-bottom. 121 more words


Hard Labour

“You know, it all started while I was un-burdening my heart to my bestie Debbie about my recent difficulties at work. I had jokingly remarked to her that the ideal solution would be a version of the old chain gangs. 253 more words


Cause and effect

We are at the very beginning of the New Year and last week by way of both a recap on why I and this blog happens to be here and also of a overview of last year from both a emotional well-being and also personal attitudinal angle as with me at least the responses to situations at times by my own admission a bit immature  leads to attitudinal issues with me.It was always the reason we had a twin-sided approach when we changed the whole situation around in 2014/5 because what builds up in me comes out sometimes literally in lashing out and even when not leads to issues with low to medium ignoring or non-compliance building up in a passive/aggressive style   of relating to people I would use to push you toward my immediate wants. 416 more words

Doc Cherry's Rules

(Continued from A Shower Interrupted)

Propped on three pillows, Jenni stretched out on her bunk. Her honey streaked hair, now dry, framed her face and glasses as she pretended to read the book in her hands. 1,759 more words


Will, Won't or Maybe Monday #4

There are so many activities in the BDSM/Kink arsenal that provide pain and pleasure, and allows the Dominant and submissive to overtly demonstrate their affinity for the role they have chosen, or that chose them. 1,174 more words

Submissive Roles

Dancing Backward 2: Descent by Thomas Lavelle

A few remarks on a new femdom novel,

Dancing Backward 2: Descent by Thomas Lavalle

I have not read the first book in the series, so I cannot tell how we got here. 290 more words


Permanent Position

My latest story is “Permanent Position. Femdom Reality 24/7”. A day in the life of a slave. Mike is one of those rare guys who dares to try to turn his fantasies into reality. 145 more words