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...dominical routines...

…quiet and harmony was lying upon the The Unity… life going its peaceful pathes…

…especially on Sunday, the Lord’s day… people contemplating the essential of life… grace, dutifulness, devotion… not to forget obedience and submission… indispensable values… to be passed on by the fathers to the young daughters of the congregation… 887 more words



This is always a topic with varied views and I can understand how the normal world thinks some of like abusing others / being abused. 415 more words

800 Lashes for Ashraf Fayadh

Earlier today, a court in Abha, Saudi Arabia, announced that it has retracted its November 2015 death sentence for the poet Ashraf Fayadh and exchanged it for a sentence of eight years in prison and 800 lashes with a cane. 2,931 more words

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...the sacred tasks of the fathers-in-law...

Spankings can happen any time, any place. She doesn’t appear too happy with being spanked in a car with the door open.

…marriage was a sacred institution within The Unity… a cornerstone of the this wonderful community… and like every part of social life within the congregation, it was strictly determined by a sophisticated set of rules, guidelines and laws… especially for the young wives, of course… 571 more words


...all a little girl needs...

…Mona closed her eyes… deeply relishing the magic of the moment… her ass becoming hotter and hotter with every loud smack of her father’s experienced hand… 522 more words


Games ...

Every now and then I incorporate games into my sessions. Of course, most of what I do is a fun game but here I am talking about dice and cards. 366 more words


My personal Mike B crusade

A few months back I get a message asking if I could help someone find copies of Mike Buesseler’s old polymer VHS videos. They haven’t been in production for MANY years and have become impossible to find. 171 more words

Polymer Clay