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Getting Active Again

The combination of joining FetLife and my Master requiring me to be naked as frequently as possible has done wonders for my body self esteem. I’m still screwed up in the head with body dysmorphia, but perhaps it’s getting a tiny bit better. 849 more words

Venus Retrograde

My new housemate, a spiritual adviser, has been telling me that Venus is retrograde for the next five weeks or so. I don’t really understand the details (your darling Daphne is such a materialist, dear!), but what I hear her saying is that it’s the perfect time for a spanking. 168 more words


#Satspanks - Bare cheeks and a dozen

I’ve been on vacation and throwing this together while the washing machine is busy and my tired eyes contemplate sleep. ┬áIt’s Saturday and the day for sharing a spanking, or in this case, the last of a dozen strokes of the cane. 429 more words

Blog Hop

Ala Preston Brooks

Why do they call it

“common courtesy” when it’s

all too uncommon?


Irony perhaps?

But “Congressional Restraint”

seems more Oxymoronic.


Drink Saline, Hit Kids?!

From Science Gossip… hmm.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out exactly why a schoolmaster caning a small child is supposed to make me want this supposed panacea of saline. 46 more words

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