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Abducted and Imprisoned

The latest HARD FEMDOM fantasy from Miranda Birch is Abducted and Imprisoned: In Femdom Captivity. this is the first installment in a new series, … 172 more words


Kidnapped. From Manager to Maid.

Kidnapped: From Manager to Maid is the latest `Frilly Femdom’ fantasy from the prolific pen of Miranda Birch. A sexist Manager makes a bit too much of a nuisance of himself in the workplace, and finds himself subject to a sudden, unexpected career change — transformed into a lady’s private Maid! 95 more words


Sexy Sunday - Someone is back from vacay

Surprisingly busy on this Sunday so I’m going to keep this short, but I just gotta write something on this Sexy Sunday cos Sir Atticus is back from His vacay this week. 102 more words

Kinky Dungeon

When HisLordship first introduced regular caning on a Wednesday, I’ll admit that I wondered why.  I am not sure why I had this reaction as I like it when he canes me but I think that I worried it might feel different if it was a regular scheduled thing and not part of our play.   779 more words


"i'm scared" is not a viable excuse for running from the police.

for no particular reason today, i started thinking about jon jones and one of his run-ins with the law — the one where he ran a red light while driving under the influence, fled the scene, called his lawyer and hid in a hotel room until the drugs and alcohol wore off, and… 277 more words


The newest Hard Femdom Fantasy from Miranda Birch is titled Ponyland: From Male to Mount.

At Ponyland, you pay to play — in more ways than one! 152 more words


A Firm Caning

Bend him over the kitchen table and stripe his ass with a cane, yardstick, or long shoehorn.