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Cannabis Pills

Last September I went on a date with a guy whose roommate had made some cannabis pills.  I took one, and 2-3 hours later I could feel the effects. 131 more words


My Best Recipe Yet - Cannabis Bone Broth

I do not follow a paleo diet, but I do enjoy cooking and sipping on a hearty bone broth that has become all the rage in those circles. 96 more words


Soupe du Jour: Cannabis Bone Broth

I decided for this week’s batch of bone broth to add cannabis to it.  Why not?  The bones have a good amount of fat on them that help flavor and enrich the broth along with the bones.  56 more words


Cannabis Rice Cooker Pancake

This Caturday morning I treated myself to a cannabis rice cooker pancake.  Mmmm!  Tasty, and effective!

Last night I decided to make four servings of coconut oil infused with cannabis.  404 more words


How To Cook With Hemp: The Visual Feast Of 2015

It has been a brutal week of migraines, intense muscle spasms, depression, and anxiety. At the end of it I know I’ve made it through the other side and can again reclaim my life which includes dusting off my laptop and writing year end wrap-ups for TwiceBakedinWA. 114 more words

Using Medicinal Cannabis