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It's Been a Long Winter...But Inside, Things are WILD!

There is no doubt that the Oregon winter has been harsh by our standards. Ice Storms, snow and record rain have made any thought of outdoor cultivation impossible. 49 more words

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Pot Shots for a Healthy Happy Wild Burger? You Betcha...

Anyone who knows about our amazing Pot Shots, knows that there are several reasons why they become the perfect ingredient to making almost any recipe “ 422 more words

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'Tis The Season to Use Responsibly - Cooking With Cannabis

One of the primary realities of the booming Cannabis Industry is that newly legalized Recreational Cannabis will attract users of a wide range of cannabis experience. 660 more words

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Holiday Korn with a Kick - Cooking with Pot Shots

One of the longest standing traditions for almost any holiday or sporting event, is the creation of traditional snacks and foods to compliment the festivities.  One of my favorite treats for the holidays and the College Football Bowl season, is homemade Caramel Corn (what we call Korn). 462 more words

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Hemp Seed Farmhouse Bread [Danksgiving]

Hemp seed won’t get you high, but there are several health benefits, in addition to its yummy earthy and hearty taste. The addition of hempseed is just what this basic farmhouse bread is begging for; you can either bake it whole as a large loaf for a family-style Danksgiving meal, or divide the dough up into small balls and bake into individual rolls. 207 more words

Recipe: Rice Cooker CannaCakes

I’ll have to let you know in 5 hours or so how this was, but here is the other half of the rice cooker canna cake I made today. 165 more words


Pan Gan Ja's Recipe Boxes

  Pan: as a prefix (Greek) πᾶν, pan, “all”, “of everything”, “involving all members” of a group                                                                                                                                                          Ganja: (Hindi) gā̃jā hemp, the cut tops and leaves of non-fertilized female hemp plants; compare Sanskrit hemp gañjā          282 more words