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Recipe: Rice Cooker CannaCakes

I’ll have to let you know in 5 hours or so how this was, but here is the other half of the rice cooker canna cake I made today. 165 more words


Pan Gan Ja's Recipe Boxes

  Pan: as a prefix (Greek) πᾶν, pan, “all”, “of everything”, “involving all members” of a group                                                                                                                                                          Ganja: (Hindi) gā̃jā hemp, the cut tops and leaves of non-fertilized female hemp plants; compare Sanskrit hemp gañjā          282 more words


Cannabis breakfast recipes to start your day The following list is the full collection of breakfast recipes to turbo charge your morning. Recommended dosage for each dish is based on the expectation that you will eat just one or several. 138 more words

Green Smoothie for Breakfast

I need to top my girls this weekend. I love my mowie wowies so much it kills me to not use every bit of them that I can, and after I topped Mistress Citrus and Clone 3 I had enough to make a smoothie!  70 more words


Canna Cupcakes - Today's Venture

If any of you are from Portland, Oregon, and happen to live on the east side, there’s a really great discount grocery store called Everyday Deals on 147th and Stark.  317 more words


Cannabis Pills

Last September I went on a date with a guy whose roommate had made some cannabis pills.  I took one, and 2-3 hours later I could feel the effects. 131 more words


My Best Recipe Yet - Cannabis Bone Broth

I do not follow a paleo diet, but I do enjoy cooking and sipping on a hearty bone broth that has become all the rage in those circles. 96 more words