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The Major Way Israel Is Putting America To Shame On Marijuana

Israel has long been at the forefront of marijuana research, and the country is budding into a hub for cannabis-related startup companies, Quartz reported.

Crowds from around the globe flocked to Tel Aviv in March for the second annual CannaTech conference.

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Cannabis Lifestyle, Culture, Community and Precautions

There are many non-synthetic substances that can be obtained from plant cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Such substances are marijuana, ganja, Mary Jane, cannabis, chronic, grass, dope, pot etc. 333 more words

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Medical Marijuana Facts - What did President say about it?

The medical cannabis has a history of thousands of years which backs it for its medical uses. However, due to several restrictions and government regulations, the use of cannabis has not been widely accepted so far. 510 more words

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Doc. comments

I read that the Doctor who taught a course, at Uni. of Otago (Drugs & society), that I attended, has made some comments (a local newspaper) on current NZ drug laws.. 222 more words

UC Berkeley to Explore Booming U.S. Cannabis Industry

Graduate students at Berkeley-Haas are conducting a case study on an African American cannabis entrepreneur to explore both the flourishing cannabis market and the industry social justice and public policy issues. 562 more words

Is CBD Non-Psychoactive?

Understanding how cannabidiol (CBD) exerts its myriad effects on human physiology is a work in progress. Thus far, scientists have identified more than 60 different molecular pathways through which CBD operates. 1,386 more words

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