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10 Best Marijuana Types You Must Know

Marijuana is known as a green, brown dried leaf that is usually used for recreational or medical purposes. This plant is used as psychoactive drug… 495 more words


Levels of The Marijuana High

Getting high is the number one reason why people love smoking marijuana ever since it was introduced. But did you know that the high effect you feel when smoking marijuana has 3 different levels? 486 more words


Cannabis Indica VS. Sativa


There are two main species of cannabis: indica and sativa. Each of these main species has thousands of subspecies, better known as strains. 347 more words


Silver Haze

I glance out to see the fog sit heavy for the weekend.
It is dark out but you can still an extant past the streets bend. 242 more words

A Cats Meow

School In New Jersey Becomes First In Nation To Allow Medical Marijuana

By Amanda Froelich | True Activist

This New Jersey school is the first in America to allow cannabis oil on campus.

Eventually, a new set of rules were developed that will allow students with conditions like Barbour’s the ability to use… 354 more words


Bernie Sanders’ Latest Proposal Could End Drug Testing for Weed

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has become a superhero of sorts to the stoner nation by recently vowing to end marijuana prohibition across the United States. 735 more words


TKO Pumpkin Spice Cookie

  • Brand: TKO Pumpkin Spice Cookie
  • Strength: 160 mg THC
  • Consumed: 1/4 or roughly 40 mg THC
  • Taste: This pumpkin spice cookie tastes so delicious! It is perfectly sweet with an amazing pumpkin flavor.
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