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MyDx Portable Analyzer

Have you ever heard of the MyDx Portable Analyzer? You haven’t? Well, let me tell you what this amazing product can do for you. First of, as the website… 397 more words


Psychoactive Substances And Evolution

Until relatively recently, we have had this rather innocent interpretation of our evolutionary path, and what drove us to walk upright, use/need our thumbs or consume a variety of foods… Maybe this is because of the overwhelming need for society to think everything is “prim and proper”, or maybe we just thought that Homo Erectus too far behind us to have anything in common with us… 140 more words


How I Meditate. It's easy to do and It improves mental health... AND... It Accelerates Global Awakening!

I lie down and close my eyes. Then I focus my attention on my breathing. Slow deep breaths with a silent verbal statement during each breath. 498 more words

Fermented Plant Juices

This year at the farm I have been taking fertility of the cannabinitas into my own hands.  I am striving to leave behind bottled fertilizers and replace them my homemade goodies!   1,211 more words


Grow Journal: White Widow by Crop King: Flower Day 9

The Ladies got their nutes and water today. They are still stretching and the differences in height will be a nuisance at least. I am hoping to get around 2.5 ounces a plant, if not more. 50 more words