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Legalized Marijuana Could Dilute Drinks Sales...

Figures from Washington State suggest impact of cannabis availability on spirits consumption.

Written by Bob Krummert

More customers who want to catch a buzz may use marijuana, not alcohol, to do it. 825 more words

Hard News

CBD Living Water

Nano Amplified CBD Living Water is absolutely changing my life. Seriously. Water For Living it is so very true when they say water is life. But this is not just any water. 776 more words

Something isn't right...

The day i knew religion was very questionable but, science wasnt obviously was probably middle school. I looked up to the sky all the time to watch the stars & make wishes but, it never dawned on me that maybe i was wasting my time since it was literally a flying, flaming hot gigantic asteroid that could possibly end the world it once created. 160 more words

Such A Thing? Colorado Cannabis Road Accidents???

In a highly debated topic among many, the use of marijuana within society today must carefully be considered.

There are many instances where marijuana can be detrimental… 524 more words


Legal weed could spark new craft, small business opportunities, says Nenshi

Mayor Naheed Nenshi says the Liberal government’s plan to legalize marijuana could spark a new craft industry and create opportunities for small businesses — which “may not be a bad thing” in Calgary’s slumping economy. 520 more words

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Infantile Spasm Miracles

“Infantile spasms (IS) is an age-specific seizure type that occurs in 1 out of 2,000 children from many different causes. Tuberous sclerosis complex (also called TSC) is a common cause of infantile spasms, with IS affecting about one third of children with TSC.   817 more words