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Helen Kelly on using medicinal cannabis

Helen Kelly was interviewed on The Nation this morning (it will be repeated tomorrow morning at 10 am). She has lung cancer, and she has admitted using medicinal cannabis for pain relieving. 204 more words


The Origins of Cannaman: The Myth Behind the Mask

Once, the world was barren.

The sun and the moon, lovers separated but for a few moments at dusk and dawn, looked down on the vast emptiness and longed to see it filled with light and joy. 768 more words


Dabs, Wax & BHO: What The Kids Are Smoking These Days

At certain points in the history of drugs, there have been pivot points. Moments in time when the way a drug was consumed changed, altering the path of the habit for those that use it afterwards. 698 more words

Light Path - Positive Thinking

Removing the Smokescreen and Discovering the Truths

There are many myths and lies surrounding marijuana. There, unfortunately, are still many individuals that hold on to the lies and the propaganda surrounding… 669 more words


How to Make Shatter Through a Rick Simpson Oil

Hello, my name is Anthony Zaca. I have business making cannabis extractors, using alcohol. That means no harsh solvents. There are two videos, above, that I posted here, just to show people how to make a Shatter through an RSO. 725 more words

Ready Teddy? Blow. 

 In a plot almost as far-fetched as a film that this journalist is struggling to think of the name of, a group of Stevenage fans has accused Teddy Sheringham of abandoning Stevenage Football Club in its hour of need. 321 more words


On The Eve Of The Cannabis Debate, CLEAR Meets Top Government Minister.

Today, Friday 9th October, in advance of Monday’s cannabis debate in Parliament, I met with Oliver Letwin, the Cabinet Office minister with responsibility for the implementation of government policy. 726 more words