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Different ways of Cannabis Consumption

In today’s world high percentage of people uses cannabis as pain killer for their health problems. Many researchers have proven that cannabis is very safe to consume and as a result of this the sales of cannabis is made legal in many countries.   331 more words


HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: May 30

It was a productive week in the fight to legalize marijuana in the United States. Some of the most important news comes from Ohio, where the General Assembly has agreed to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. 15 more words


Quiz: Which Type of Concentrate Should You Be Dabbing On?

Having a tough time deciding on which type of concentrates or extracts you want to dab on? Take this quiz to find out!

by Tyler Terps at High Times


'Grass'-Fed Beef Coming To a Burger Near You?

With the rise of legalization and acceptance of cannabis, adventurous pig farmers have toyed with feeding their pigs leaves and stems from the cannabis industry. This potentially opens the door for grass-feed beef, chicken and milk, but will these products make it past in… 6 more words


Defending smoking

I read that a senior NZ opposition MP (‘minor party’ leader) has announced that using tax to stop tobacco smoking is a real ‘nanny state’ strategy ! 215 more words