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SOFUCKED #4 – Cannabis Corpse – Blunted at Birth (Something Obscure For Understanding, Consideration, Kind Evaluation and Delight)

Being a death metal fan is like having a girlfriend with bipolar disorder, she always takes you to interesting places and it only gets weirder the deeper you get inside her… personality (what did you think I meant?). 634 more words

Critical Spectrum

Legalise the herb!

Last week on the news, I saw images of police choppers spraying cannabis crops with Monsanto poison in Port St. Johns in the Eastern Cape. Over 500 acres of the plant, which were due for harvest at the end of February, were destroyed. 293 more words

Tips for Edible Consumption

Don’t underestimate the power of a small bite!

  • Read the recommended dosage before you consume an edible. Edibles affect everyone differently. Depending on your body type and tolerance, you may need to consume less or more than what is recommended.
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Human Rights Abuse

I often hear that many ‘western nations’ including Aotearoa/NZ are criticising other nations (In Asia, middle East & Latin America etc.) for ‘human rights abuses’. One of the most often mentioned is… 148 more words

Cannabis Quencher Strawberry Lemonade by The Venice Cookie Co

Shake Well-Serve Ice Cold

This Strawberry Lemonade contains 75 mg THC which is the equivalent of 1.75 grams of cannabis. Instructions on the bottle: Start with a small amount and wait 30 minutes before drinking more.. 185 more words

Alice Moon

Of Holi , Bhaang , Lord Shiva , Amitabh Bachchan and ...........

Flirting with Bhaang

Our Indian festival Holi is a fun-lovers’ paradise. Its my favourite festival too. And its marked by fun , frolic , colours , food and… 929 more words