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November Canna Lilies in N.E. Tennessee

The rain gutter is 7½ feet above the back porch❗️

#CannaLilies #💐


Monday myths - OCD slugs

I was asked, the other day, what creature was making holes in canna leaves and how on earth did they manage to make such neat lines of holes. 175 more words

Monday Myths

What is eating the Cannas?

By Jane Malec, EMGV

While volunteering at the Bahama Farmer’s market, an interesting discussion developed on the plight of the once beautiful stand of cannas near the roadside. 597 more words

Gardening Information

They Grow Better Together

As we planned the landscaping for our new home, a friend gave us some cannas to plant. These tall colorful flowers did well in the soil around our house, and we enjoyed their beauty all summer and fall. 200 more words

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In the garden 

In the garden🌾 Good morning friends ☕️

It’s hot and sunny this morning, must work before 9 am , after that it gets very uncomfortable. Decide to trim some cannas this morning before breakfast, sweating like crazy, it’s dripping down from my eyebrows like a rain, going crazy between wiping my face with my tee shirt and chopping this canns :) so much to do but must stop for now. 6 more words

Canna Lilies 2017

 Cannas Lilies in N.E.Tennessee

There were two plants (near corner column) when I moved here ten years ago!

Out of over 100 collected seeds, in October, I could only get a couple dozen to germinate in damp paper towels before rooting with potting soil in egg cartons. 57 more words