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Drop the Waterford: Behold the Rise of Canned Wine

Wine—typically found in a bag, box, or bottle—now has a new provenance: the can.

It started in 2004, when the canned wine movement’s unlikely patron saint, Sofia Coppola released the “Sofia Mini.” Her creation, from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, was the first label to find any success persuading wine drinkers to sip California white out of an aluminum vessel. 208 more words


Cabinets almost done.

I’ve been busy at working on the cabinets, I’ve about 45 days before I need the boat to be somewhat more livable then it currently is. 159 more words

Boat Mods

Essentials to a Good Pantry

Everyone has certain items they keep in their pantry/refrigerator to prepare meals for their families.  I am no exception.

These are the items you consider necessary to prepare any and all meals, to make those meals special. 172 more words

Off Topic

JR Specialty Foods Takes Lid Off Their Secret Sauces

Most people frequent Farmer’s Markets to meet those who pour their heart and soul into the local produce we purchase. John and Georgia Raap of… 450 more words

CJ Calloway's

Peaches in the woods

What happens when you leave a can of peaches in the woods and come back 2 years later?


Peaches (Canned)

The month of August is the time of year when we start to put in supplies for the winter! I know that sounds like we’re pioneers trying to save food for the long, hard, cold winter, but that’s how I’ve always felt about it. 725 more words


2016 Project 365, Day 222: Spam Black Pepper

Photo #222: August 9

This is now my favorite Spam variant huhu soooooo good!!! Salty and peppery, shucks my mouth is watering as I type this hahaha! 10 more words