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Seckel Pears in Spiced Honey Syrup

I found this recipe last summer when I saw these beautiful little pears at the Farmer’s Market and I HAD to buy them. While searching the internet for what to do with these little beauties, I found this recipe for… 475 more words


Marvin Madly: Chapter 3

(Continued from Chapter 2.)

Dogs – his own neighbors’ dogs – were biting passersby. It wasn’t this alone that scared Marvin. He started connecting stories, and that’s when things got worrisome. 996 more words


Not your Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

It’s only Monday and I’ve already caught myself driving to the grocery store three times. I was able to roll on by without stopping, but it’s funny how you get in the habit of thinking that the things you want are necessities, or ‘staples’ that oh my god aren’t in the house and we’re. 330 more words

Kitchen Attempts And Foodie-ness

Reading Labels

I’ve never been a label reader on food other than to check for the miscellaneous peanut intruder and I’ve certainly steered clear of the “buy all organic” bandwagon. 388 more words


The Can in the Sauna

This morning, as I was preparing breakfast, I suddenly remembered a funny experience–one that I could really not forget.

Back in summer 2010, when my batch went out for a missions exposure in the… 466 more words


Canned Goods Pay For Public Parking

Got a parking ticket?

Pay it off with canned goods.

The city officials in Lexington Kentucky decided from now until December 18th anyone that was cited with a parking ticket will be allowed to pay with canned goods. 80 more words


Marvin Madly: Chapter 2

(Continued from Chapter 1.)

Greta’s hair was a bouncy brown and she had strong muscular hands. Three years ago, when they first met at the supermarket, Marvin thought she was rather beautiful. 704 more words