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2017 Tuna Shopping Guide

How does your tuna stack up? Greenpeace has ranked 20 well-known canned tuna brands that can be found in grocery stores nationwide based on how sustainable, ethical, and fair their tuna products are for our oceans—and for the workers that help get the products to store shelves. 100 more words


Canned Love

As I placed my head on the pillow to sleep, I suddenly thought about Artie. My heart choked up as if something was squeezing it, hard. 384 more words

A Hold Up

“This is a hold up! What d’ye got in there? Cans of peas and creamed corn? Nah, we’ll pass”

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The Typewriter & the Doomsday Prepper

Trying to fit my writing into the next two weeks of family festivities will be akin to cramming a typewriter into a doomsday prepper’s over-stuffed pantry of canned goods… 41 more words


See a Free Movie This Weekend - Here's How!

It’s time to clean out your pantries — or the canned food aisle! The “Cans Film Festival” at Wehrenberg theaters is happening this Saturday!

Wehrenberg Theatres wants to give you free movie passes if you give them canned food to help stock the shelves of area food pantries. 59 more words


There's Nothing In This House to Eat

A few years ago, I hosted a weekend party where several friends stayed over. One of my guests, a mother of young children back then, got up earlier than I. 814 more words

On Prepping: Get It Girl!

My Prepping Question this month is:

If you had one month to prepare yourself and your family for an economy crash/downfall what would you do and how would you prepare? 1,007 more words